A shiny new family logo

Because we had such a nice set of pictures at the 2010 family reunion, I figured I would take a whack at making a new family logo for the top of the site. I think I did a pretty good job. If you think you can do better, go for it. It is 120px tall and width does not matter (it repeats or gets cut off on the right to make it fit the width of the browser).

I picked the best picture (the one where the most people were looking at the camera and were smiling), applied a slight rotation to make everyone line up horizontally, cropped out two rows and pasted them side to side. Then I resized it down to 120px high. As part of the editing though, I had to surgically replace three heads. Can you find them? (hint: two of the heads were replaced as a pair.) I will let the winner pick one of the varieties of bread I will bake at the bakery next summer at the family reunion.