Bee Happy!

We had a Family Home Evening lesson on being positive and trying to always have a happy attitude. So, for a treat afterward we made "Be Happy Bees". What fun!

This was a book that had our model in it. But we kinda did our own thing.

The ingredients: Sixlets candies, lemon fruit slices, black licorice, and honey sweetened cookies baked in oval shapes.

(Just a silly side note. I looked for 6 months to find these lemon slices. The lesson was a long time in coming. I finally found them on our trip to Canada. When I checked out I was so shocked!! They were in the bulk section and they were prices by the GRAM and not the pound. So, I wound up paying over $8 just for those 12 slices. Count it up folks......they were over 75 cents a piece. Ouch....I guess I am the one who got stung!)

On your mark, get set, make those bees!!!

Ariana's bee was cute as a button and it was already in flight!

Holly designed her bee in rainbow colors and he was smiling with all those candies for a mouth.

Jaren's bee cracked me up. It looked just like him with those cute BIG eyes. The shape of the cookie even looked like it was smiling.

Ryan's bee was mad about something. Love those eyebrows and red hot stinger.

Daddy's bee was a little fashion conscious and opted not to do horizontal stripes. They just make you look wider anyway!

And Momma's bee was just plain YUMMY!!

What is your favorite treat for Family Night?