One Hairy Mess!!

Our Little Ryan has always had a lot of curly hair. 
In fact, the longer it gets the bigger the curls get.
And as you can see below........the curls have gotten WAY OUT OF HAND!!
No amount of pleading could get permission for me to cut his hair.  He was determined to keep the curls.  At first he had the shaggy, Luke Skywalker look.  But it quickly turned into this:
So, I made him a deal.  He could pick any haircut he wanted and I would replicate it.  He went for it.  This picture below is the "do" he wanted.  I was happy to oblige!  One young Malfoy coming up!
While Draco is quite a monster in the show.....he is nothing compare to the monster that we found in Ryan's hair!!  (Can you believe that mound!?!)
And the finished product..........
I am glad he is so pleased with the cut.  It was a first for me.  I specialize in the missionary haircut, so keeping it long in the back took some time.  As I started to cut it was turning into a mullet.  A little layering in the back smoothed it out and we flipped the ends up.  (I told him it was a little bit "Kirk Cameron".  He just rolled his eyes and said, "Mom, I don't know who you are talking about!")
Ryan, you are once again my handsome curly headed boy.  Let's keep the curls to a minimum!
I Love yoU!