Some fun and a little reflecting....

The week before school started we went on a little family outing to the Seattle city center. We played at the Pacific Science center and went to the Lego Games touring show. But the funnest part was the Singing fountain!! We hadn't planned on going, so no swim suits.

But who needs a suit to get wet?

The kids weren't shy about rolling up their pant legs and hopping right in.

Ready, set, go!!

The fountain sings and shifts spray patterns to the music. The kids love it when the jets suddenly switch and come from below their feet and scare them. Then they all run back up screaming.

Except our duckling, Holly. She is never afraid of the water. During this diluge, she was the only person left under the fountain. I got a video of her putting her arms around the fountain and hugging it as it sprays her ruthlessly. She just giggled and put her arms in the air triumphantly like this while everyone watched her. So cute!

Jaren needed a little sun time.

The water felt good on a hot day. Can you believe we actually had a "Hot" day? What luck.


I was sitting on the ledge at the top of the fountain. I looked over at this pile of shoes. It made a tear come to my eye. There was a time it would have been only one little pair of shoes. It seems not too long ago. Then two pairs.....then another.... and another. Can you believe this pile? And to think that each pair represents a piece of my heart. Each pair has changed my life and made me better in some way. And now, ANOTHER tiny pair of shoes will be joining our family in a few weeks. How lucky am I? I can't think about it or look at this picture without tears. I AM SO BLESSED!!