We're nuts.......................

Let me tell you why. First, I need to preface this with a little bit of history about our family.

Timothy's Favorite peanut: Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts. Mmmmm. Salty and nutty.

Ryan's Favorite peanut: Boston Baked Beans Candy. Little candy coated peanuts that are crispy. These bring back memories of my childhood at the ball park.

Ariana's Favorite Peanut: Honey Roasted. Can't blame her. Don't they just beg to be crunched! These are the most requested peanut in our stockings each year.

Holly's Favorite Peanut: The versatile Spanish peanut. We especially love these on top of curry with chopped fruits and raisins. Yummy!!

And of course, most of you know Jaren's favorite peanut: I don't even need to explain. He lives on the stuff.


Now, we come to my favorite peanut:


Can you blame me?

Mauery baby #5 - 2010 edition
Style to be announce later next month!
Grand appearance will be late November.
(p.s. It may be my favorite peanut, but I still think I am allergic to it!  It's sure making me sick!)