Christmas 2009

It's already here!  One thing we didn't get around to at the reunion was deciding our Christmas plans for this year.  I have started thinking Christmasy thoughts and was anxious to get the ball rolling!  I looked at the past 2 years of who gave to who and came up with a new list with minimal repeats as follows (I simplified it by just using sibling names, but it refers to the whole family):

  • Timothy gives to Sarah
  • Sarah gives to Vernon
  • Vernon gives to Nancy
  • Mary gives to Timothy
  • Nancy gives to Mary

As far as Michael goes, I thought everyone could give him a little something--a card with a small gift, since he can't really give to anyone--it's just mom giving to that family on his behalf.


So, here comes my brain-storming.  Pardon the personal nature of it, but I don't know how else to put this!  I don't know how many of you are experiencing the same financial trauma we are in this market, but we are stretched very thin at the moment.  I might as well say it--we are declaring bankrupcy this month due to a long series of events out of our control.  I will take your prayers, but I don't want pity--I am so grateful we have made it as long as we have and frankly I am just ready for it to all be over with so we can start fresh again.  That being said, Christmas has been weighing heavily on my mind.  It is my favorite time of the year.  In the past, I have loved thinking about what I'm going to buy everyone on my list and I anticipate shopping with much glee!!!  This year I have to get creative.  I came up with an idea that I wanted to pass by everyone.  Please don't think of it as a cop out or cheap--I like to think of it as resourceful and innovative!  If you are anything like our family, you probably have lots of things--good things, maybe even new things--in your house that you no longer use.  I'm thinking along the lines of toys and books.  There are some toys in our toy closet that I thought our kids would love, only to find out they hardly ever got played with.   There are books on my shelf that I love, but know I probably won't ever get around to reading again.  So, I thought for the cousins we could do a toy exchange with toys that still have a lot of life left in them, without breaking the bank.  For the adults, we could give a book or movie that we thing that person would like.  If you think you don't have anything that fits the family you're giving to, you could either make them something or find something second-hand.  I think we all know the true meaning of Christmas and by keeping it simple, we can focus more on that.


If nobody likes this idea, I think what we did last year was a lot of fun and not too costly.  Let me know what you all think!

As far as giving to Mom and Dad, if anyone has any great ideas, let them be heard!  (via email!)