Family Reunion 2011

As soon as I got home from our family reunion in Park City, I started looking online for places to stay at Bear Lake!!!  :)  So did Lauren, and I think we were both pretty bummed to find out the high prices of places there that would accomodate our family.  SO....I'm throwing out this random pitch for a house that's not even remotely close to Bear Lake but could be a viable option.  I heard about it and it sounded too good to be true, so I thought I'd pass along the link and we can see if it would work for us. It is an 8000 sq ft house on over 100 acres in Saint Anthony, ID, which is about 20 minutes north of Mary and Nancy.

It sleeps up to 60 with secret passageways, a bunk room, industrial kitchen with lots of tables for eating, huge game room, plenty of bathrooms and bedrooms for each family, including Michael!! 

My recommendations:  Figure out how we could go at an off-season time, since it will save us each $200 for 4 nights. If we stayed for 4 nights off-peak, it would cost each family roughly $450 including tax (with mom and Nancy paying a bit less) Three nights would be $350.  Staying over Christmas (4 nights) would cost almost $500, but also give us more time to save up.  Staying in August during peak season would be $650, which seems like too much to me.


  • Take kids out of school either in Sept or Oct (I don't know how you feel about that)
  • Christmas break, either before. after or during Christmas. 
  • New Year's Eve (keep in mind the prices raise in 2012)
  • Take the cleaning option and save the $250 fee

I know driving all the way to Idaho in the winter could prove trick for all the "Mauery's," but check out the link and see if it'd be worth it.  Timothy and Chanin could drive to Mom and Dad's and caravan the next day down with them, and Vernon and Lauren could bunk at our house and head over with us.  It's actually closer for everyone than Bear Lake would have been.

Otherwise, we could just save up our money and bite the bullet to stay during peak season.  We'd have to plan fast, though, since the place is already booked through til the 3rd week in August.

I'm curious to hear what you all think!  Personally, my vote is to go for Christmas since we've never done that before and Mom and Dad will be home from their mission.  The kids could have so much fun playing outside in the snow.  If we went in the fall, though, there'd be fun hikes and outdoorsy stuff to do.  But this facility has plenty to do inside for a few days!  We'd save money on activities since it's all indoors.  We could do a nativity, make gingerbread houses, have a talent show, dance parties, game nights, etc.  Don't even get me going!  :)