Reunion 2011

Hey guys,

Okay, so I'm scouring the internet looking for locations for our trip
next year, and Bear Lake is proving difficult. I do have one find. Go
check this place out. They're kinda booked up, but they still have August 22-29 open. Does that overlap with school starting for you Idahoans?

One of the main sticking points is that it's very hard to find a cabin with enough rooms for all adults to have a room with a door that closes, which sounded like a high priority when we discussed this in Utah.

If this search keeps being unfruitful (which I'm getting afraid that it might), I think we have a couple of options.

1. Explore other locations.

I've found a couple of gorgeous, affordable options in Island Park, or we can look at McCall, too. I've been looking at for options, and it's very helpful!

2. Adjust our price point.

I've been operating on our suggested price point of $100/night per
family, which comes to $600 a night to find a place that sleeps 31
people (including a couple of littles under 3 who'll probably be in
cribs). If we moved up to $800 a night, or $135/night per family, we'd
have some more wiggle room.

I don't want to push anybody farther than they want to go, but I need to
know where our priorities are. Do we want to pay a little more and
stick to Bear Lake? Or should we look elsewhere and stick to our
collective budgets? :)

3. Check out campgrounds.

Personally, I'm not a good camper, but I'd be willing to tough it out if we want to stick to the $100/night price and Bear Lake as the location. What do y'all think?

What do you think? Please weight in soon, because places are filling up for the 2011 summer season really, really fast....