Reunion 2011 Activities

Hi gang! Summer is coming up quickly (not that it feels like summer time here in Oregon), and I'm working hard on ideas for activities for our reunion in a few months in August. I wanted to run a sample itinerary past everybody and ask for your feedback. Here's my first stab at it:


Afternoon: All arrive, check in, settle into rooms, etc.

Dinner: Lauren and Vernon host pizza night. Each family please bring favorite toppings and a block of cheese

Evening Activities: Family Olympics. Each family bring an event to participate in! Keep it simple: three-legged races, pillow sack races, simple obstacle course, long jump. Be creative! If you've ever seen Minute to Win It, think activities like those -- minimal gear required, items you'd find around your house, easy for different age groups.


Breakfast: Nancy and Charles

AM Activities: Hiking in City of Rocks. About a 30-minute drive from our lodging is a great national park that's known for world-class rock climbing, but it also hosts some family-friendly hikes. Sounds like fun! You can learn more about the park at the Cityof Rocks website, and I'd love to hear input on which hike(s) we'd like to do. I'm looking at Flaming Rock Trail, Geo Watt trail,or South Fork Circle Creek Trail. 

Lunch: Timothy and Chanin host a picnic at the national park, or in the car on the way back to the B&B for....

PM Activities: Naps for little ones, games for older kids. Free play or water games outside?

Dinner: Sarah and Dan

Evening Activities: Chocolate Tasting! Vote on your favorite chocolate by sampling a variety of kinds of chips. Bring your favorite to enter and see how it stacks up!


Breakfast: Lauren and Vernon

AM Activities: **Input needed!!!** I would love to hear ideas for this day! Durfee Hot Springs, about 20 minutes away, has a natural hot spring for swimming; there are various sports equipment available for volleyball, softball, etc.; we could go back to City of Rocks for another fun hike. What sounds good to everybody?

Lunch: Mom and Dad

PM Activities: Naps for little ones, activity provided by Grandma Mauery, movie?

Dinner: Mary and Joseph

Evening Activities: Family Night and testimony meeting, later grownup meeting on family reunion in 2012


Breakfast: Timothy and Chanin

AM Activities: Pack and wrap up any last details. Pack picnic lunches for ride home.

Check out and drive safely home!

Other Stuff:

We'll have to make assignments for FHE, of course, so if doing a lesson, activity, or treat sounds good to you, just holler.

Also, for food, that division of labor suddenly doesn't look very fair to me – some people have to do two meals, others just one. What would you think of doing some no-fuss, get-your-own, grab-some-cereal breakfasts and assigning out the other meals?

Finally, where are we on t-shirts? Is that happening? Do we need to get money to someone?

Please take a minute and weigh in!