T-shirts for 2011 Reunion

Hi everybody, it's me again with more reunion questions for y'all. I'm starting to think about our customized t-shirt idea and wanted to check in with some pricing and design ideas for you to mull over.

For a work conference, Vernon's team ordered some shirts from zazzle.com, and it was a pretty painless and relatively inexpensive project. I've been poking around on their website, and there are lots of options and, it looks like, quite a few shirt styles to choose from (American Apparel tees in regular men's styles, a fitted babydoll tee for the girls, and kids' tees for the little dudes). 

They offer some stock "reunion" images that we can customize with our family name and year, but you can also send them your own artwork and text and create something all your own for the same price. I found some cute options here, and Vernon said he's game to try to recreate some of them. I'm open to other suggestions, though, so go ahead and speak up!

Depending on which types of shirts we order, prices seem to round out to about $13 per shirt. 

What do you all think? Thanks in advance for your input!