Kid-isms revisited

****Jaren: Oh, man!  Why does my neck always stop!
(He had his chin turned all the way over to his right shoulder)
 I wish it could go 'round.  I never get to see my back!

****Holly: I know what "Passed away" means now.
Ariana: It means to pull up the anchor and push your boat away.
Holly:  blank stare..........

(I then proceeded to clear the confusion between "cast-away" and "passed away")

****We homeschool and so I teach the kids handwriting lessons.  We were talking about sloppy handwriting and how the computer has introduced an even lazier generation as far as penmanship is concerned.  After the lesson I tried to reiterate the message by asking the kids,

Funny Bone!

We had chicken one night for dinner. The kids love the drumsticks. And as you can see, they like them for more than just dinner. The following ensued:

Good guess....but no. We didn't get a new puppy.

The Lord knows

(Elder Henry B. Eyring)
(Don't you just love this picture of him? What a wonderful man!)

Silly Dr. Doolittle!

Last night we were watching the old 1967 edition of "Dr. Doolittle" and Jaren was excitedly watching all the fun animals. We came to the barn scene before he joins the circus and Jaren saw the little skunks come running out of the barn. Not remembering what they are called, Jaren yelled to the other kids,

"Hey look!! The stink-rats are running out!!"
Silly Jaren, we love you!

And here are a few pictures of the stink-rat himself.........

You Know You Live in Seattle When.......... is the first sunny day you can remember and your kids still don their raincoats and golashes to go outside and play a little football.
Case in point: See all that sunshine! What a treat.
Watch out, Brother!! Looks like someone wants the ball more than you.

Apples, Schmapples...

Here's a quick family night treat. My friend Melissa taught me how to make caramel-apple-pie apples. They are so yummy! Melt the caramels in a bowl with high sides. A wide one will take too much caramel to fill up high.
Dip them and let them set up a bit.

Turkey Time!

Wanna learn how to make these cuties?
We made these turkeys one year with Grandma and Grandpa S. for Thanksgiving. Now it is Tradition! Every year we make new ones to decorate the house. This year they were one of our homeschool art projects. Fun, fun!

??..Shining, Shimmering, Spendid...??

This year a little birdie told her grandma that she has wanted to be "Jasmine" for a very long time. Have you ever looked for a pattern or a costume for Jasmin? The immodesty is a turn-off for this momma! So, this little birdie has never been Jasmine. Well, Grandma cooked up an idea that solved all of Holly's wos. I had a Genie costume as a child that she made for me. It is a pajama pattern that she converted to be a little bit more fancy. She took that same pattern and made a costume for Holly. Take a look at the adorable results!!

As you can see from Holly's smile....she was in seventh heaven. She had her daddy in snapsville with the camera.
The legs are oh-so-cute. The elastic in the bottom makes them poof out just right.

Holly did get to pick out the headband and we put it together the week before Halloween. She chose the gold and jeweled button on the front. I didn't think it would work, but as you can tell....I let the kids do the choosing. They have so much fun, how can you resist letting them use their imaginations.

We got some wide sequined band and put the turquoise sequins in the middle that Grandma sent with the costume. It was a perfect match. Thanks, Mom!

I rolled Holly's hair upward on the sides and then around the headband to hold it in place. It made her hair lay around her face just like Jasmine's hair.

I love her little feet sticking up in this picture above. She was absolutely giddy. She wore the costume everyday for two weeks before Halloween. I started to wonder if she would wear it out before the big day came.

She saw the "fancy eyes" on her sister in the school play. She said that she wanted that too. So, she got to wear eyeliner. (Every little girls dream. Well, this little girl.)

The costume is one piece with pink material sewn into the mid-section. It turned out so cute and it was modest!

One more pose and lots more smiles!! Thanks Mom/Grandma for making Holly's day. She is still wearing it!

??..I am the Pirate King....Hurrah for the Pirate King..??

This year, Ryan knew EXACTLY what he wanted to be for months before Halloween. He designed his costume and even stayed up late (very late) one night to help me make it. We had good times together, just the two of us.
Have you seen the game "Wizard 101"? This costume is the character "Skeletal Pirate" from the game. Ryan plays it with some of his friends. I must admit, he did a good job replicating the little guy. He even got the accessories just right. Here is a picture of the little pirate:

Here is Ryan's attempt at looking like a mean pirate.......

.......but we all know he is just a goofy-lover-of-all-things-sparkly!!

The loot!!! (He made this wooden chest at Scout Camp last year.)

Being a pirate DOES have its drawbacks! Words of Warning: Don't try to scratch your nose when you're not used-to your new hook!

The Pirate Mug-shot

I had to add this one so you can see the full length. We took a black workout suit and painted the bones on. My Mom did this for my baby brother years and years ago for him to be a skeleton for a school Halloween party.

We used acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. (again with JoAnn's--we love that store. I should buy stock!) Ryan stayed up late-late to help painting the bones. He even helped me look up pictures to get it to look right. Then we woke up the next morning very early and painted the back side of the suit so it could start drying before little fingers got up to touch or smear it. It looked so real! I didn't want him to wear the ragged shorts that would cover it up............but he had to be exactly like the picture!! Okay, okay!

And finally, I MADE him smile for this one. Afterall, he is my little boy and not just a scary pirate. I told him, "You have to have ONE with a smile. This one will be for your Grandmas." That got him to smile. So, there you have it! A smile for you, Grandma!

Medieval Princess

Ariana went to JoAnn's with me one day in October and found a pattern for a Medieval Princess. All it took was seeing that she would get to make a hoop skirt and she was SOLD. (Actually, Daddy got to make the hoop skirt. But that is another story.)

You can see all the material in this shot. It took 12 yards of fabric for this dress. Phew....glad it is done.

Squishy Little Elephant

I looooooooooove this costume. I made it for Ryan when Ariana was a brand new baby. He was the elephant and she was a tiny mouse. (I borrowed her mouse costume.)

I decided the-day-of that I would make this outfit for a "trunk-or-treat" we were having at church. I ran to Walmart and grabbed some grey $1 per yard fabric and blasted this costume out in a few grueling hours. Needless to say, every one of our kids have worn it. (And each one looks so cute in wrinkles and a long nose!)

The trunk even squirts........REALLY!! (okay, not really)


My kids said some pretty funny things this weekend. Here are a few:


Ariana: Mom, I wish I could live on the ceiling.
Me: Why?
Ariana: Because the ceiling is always empty. I never have to pick it up. I could run and skate on it. Why doesn't the floor stay like that?
Hmm........why doesn't the floor stay like that? Kids, maybe?
Sitting with Jaren on my lap:
Me: *Kissed his little face one too many times*
Jaren: Momma, stop kissing me. Why do you need so much-of kisses?
Me: Sorry, you are so cute that I guess I forget how many I gave you.
In the meantime, Jaren is sitting on my lap and chewing on the microphone to his leappad.

Me: Jaren, don't put your mouth on that. If it gets wet inside, it will break.
Jaren: Okay, mom.
Me: Thanks- *kiss*
Jaren: (Sarcastically) Mommmmmmmm.......if you put your mouth on me, I will get wet and I might break!

Ye scurvy "dogs".........

What to do when there are more buns than hotdogs-
Take your hotdog bun of choice.Add tuna fish- mixed up anyway you like it.

Add the "not" dog. (translation= pickle.)

Lost and Found....

......are these pictures of Holly. I didn't remember I had these till I was going through pictures today. She loves to help. I think it is the Mommy-time that she loves. I think she sawed on that celery for 20 minutes till it was all in the salad. Then she went on to bell peppers. Sometimes, I just want to put a rock on their heads to stop their growing. I love them being little!

That's all folks. I'm gonna go find those little cheeks of hers and kiss them!

Helpin' Daddy..........

Jaren couldn't help but get in on the fun. They were covering up the water main after the plumber was here early this morning. He loved the big truck, too!

a little Saturday project

Wow, do I have kids old enough to sew? I guess I do. Here is Ariana intently working on the hem of her pillow case.
They each got to pick out their own choice of fabric. They made cool choices!

Riparian awakening

Today I was awakened to some unusually clanking in the kitchen.

best friends

Jaren: Mom, can I watch Caillou on the big TV?

Me: No, Jaren, we have other things to do right now.

Jaren: Oh.


Jaren: Mom, Caillou is my BEST friend.

Me: That is nice. He would like that.

Sample the Silly-ness......

So, Ryan asked me a while ago if he could start a blog. I said, "Sure!"...knowing it would be too hard and daunting for him to really follow through with it.

I am here today to admit I was wrong.

And I might add that he had me in stitches when I read it. Here ya go............

Ryan's Radical Ramblings.

*Disclaimer* All of this site is Ryan......I did not have ANYTHING to do with it. Kids are amazing, eh?

If you don't have time to peruse all of it, might I suggest these few:

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Life is short. Read fast.
(Seriously, this is what both sides of our bed look like. Timothy and I have way more on our "to-read" piles than what we have time for. How do you find more time to read?)