All White

Ariana is getting baptized!

She is so excited and talks about it everyday. Like yesterday-- we were outside clearing out the blackberries that had taken over one of my rose bushes. Normally this rosebush produces big yellow roses tipped with pink.


We have been going like crazy this summer. So, the bloggy-blog has taken back seat. Here is a tasty little bit to tide you over till I Ketchup!

Free Fill Dirt?!

Everyday this past week I have been sending Ryan away to Cub Scout camp. And everyday he comes home with piles of dirt. Shirt, shoes, fingernails, hat, hair, toenails, not to mention his shoes......which stay outside.

Dirt=one happy boy

And did I mention the BB guns, bow and arrows, hammer and nails, crafts, cooking on the fire, science, field games, and awards galore?

Ryan is soaring someplace between heaven and earth. Tomorrow is Saturday....I wonder when he'll come down. I'll post pictures soon.

Chanin and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Yesterday, a couple friends and I were talking about the blogging world. It seems like you only get to read the blissfully bloggable bits about our families. Blogging certainly has a way of sugar-coating life. It made me laugh to think about it. I certainly don't blog about the tired or cranky days. So, in good humors to our conversation, I offer the following horrible post:

Have you ever read this darling book?

If not, I strongly suggest you check it out and read it. (Or hear You will know exactly the kind of day that Alexander is talking about. Well, I had one of those days last week.

So happy I'll BURST!

Look, balloons!!
Happy 11th Anniversary, to us!!
I decided to give Timothy eleven balloons in a bouquet this year. One balloon for each year. But up on top of each balloon is a list of memories from each of the 11 years. (He should be on his way home from work, so this won't spoil the surprise.)
Here are a few samples of "balloon years" together.

Brace Face--ERASE!

Check out this cute smile.......This is my little Ryan with his curly head of red hair and NO TEETH! Our Ryan has had teeth related stress for most of his little life. Let me explain:

He was almost a year old before he got his first tooth to come in.

Then sadly, he was in his third year of school before he lost his first tooth. Don't kids usually start loosing them in kindergarten? Boy, was he bummed when his little sister and best friend were losing teeth before him.

Kids eat Salad!

Awesome kids love salad. Especially the kind that you dress before it comes to the table. I learned that the "dish-it-up-and-squirt-on-some-kind-of-bottled-dressing" kind of salad doesn't disappear as quickly as a fresh tossed salad that is pre-dressed.

Lately they have snarfed down the following salads:

Strawberry Spinach Salad

one bunch of spinach
your favorite head of crunchy lettuce
Lots of strawberries sliced up
half a red onion- sliced thin in rings

dress with:

Cinco De Mayo

The weather has been a bit drab until now and I was feeling stir crazy. So, I decided we would have a Cinco De Mayo family party. Ryan asked me why we celebrate Cinco De Mayo in the U.S. and I couldn't come up with a good answer. I just needed something fun to look forward to and a little bit of spice around here!So we took these two mixes-Masa and pork- and made tamales! Ole'!

Random things I find on my camera

The kids are allowed to use my camera (not dad's $$) and I find some pretty interesting things on it:
Like Holly's double decker shredded wheat? A miniature Harry Potter in my living room.
Girls with pants on their heads.

Books, Baby!

For those of you who know us, you have probably been to our house and seen the pile o' books. We homeschool our children and so we use many, many (can I say many again?) books to teach and learn from. So, we have a regular library day that we attend every week. That makes the books all due on the same day we will be there again the next week. Convenient, eh?

Spaghetti squash

What can you make with this stringy squash?
You can make...................................healthy spaghetti and happy kids! Take a look-see.


The sun was shining so nice and bright the other day. It was just a little bit too nippy to go to the park. So instead, we took a drive.

We went looking for these:

It was so much fun to look at the pink and purple popcorn trees that we decided

to celebrate spring with our own form of Pink Popcorn (click me).

no title provided in feed

Heaven for Chanin:

Long line at the grocery store with four kids......
Long wait at the doc's office with four kids.......
Long day on my feet......

.............And someone suddenly breaks out into "The Sound of Music" and everyone joins in with perfect voices and choreographed moves:

By the way, if there was one person on earth I could meet, it would probably be Julie Andrews. There would be a few catches though:

1-she must to be dressed in her cast-off dress from the other new "sister" at the abbey and the ridiculous hat.

2-she would have to sing everything to me instead of talk.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

We had an awesome "green" Family Home Evening last night. For our activity we made a super cool Leprechaun trap. You can see the fool's gold we put on the top to lure the little guy in. The top is made of tissue paper and not attached. That way he'll fall inside when he steps onto the top to get the gold. Hee hee hee!!! We know that Leprechaun's love to be mischievous and break rules. So, we were banking on that when we made our signs, "Do NOT climb the ladder!" and "Leprechauns beware!!"

Ear Candy!

Have you ever had a Pearson's Mint Pattie?

Have I got a trick for you!!

Get a bag of them for yourself (No guilt needed. Click on the Pearson's name above for proof. Only 30 calories apiece!)

Now put one up to your ear (really close) and crack it in half. It makes the neatest sound ever. Ryan discoverd it and we have all been having more fun listening to them than eating them!

Now that's ear candy!

Book Look

I am once again attempting to read "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. I have started this tome many times(three or more) and never can get through the first volume. I have decided that I need to know more about the man and less about the plan.

And so I come to you. Help me find a biography of Hitler that will help me understand the man. (I know......who can understand him?) But I think I need to have more of the history of his life under my belt in order to make some sense of his diatribe in "Mein Kampf".

So, leave me a comment if you have read one of his biographies and recommend it. There are so many out there. Help!

6-6-6 Isn't that the mark of the beast?

I have been tagged. Here's the deal. Go to your sixth folder of photos. Choose the sixth photo and blog about it. Then tag six people. Here goes........

So, this photo takes a bit of explaining. It was Christmas eve and this is what we found the kids had put out for Santa. Upon asking who did it--Ryan explained, "Well, by the time Santa gets all the way to our house he will have eaten millions of cookies. So, I thought he'd appreciate the Tums more than anything."

I laughed a good long time.

PS. These muffins are the best thing you will ever put in your mouth. They have nutmeg inside and then the outside is rolled in butter and cinnamon and sugar. They are a special treat at our house. I was surprised the kids would give them away.

Your tag will be coming via comment on your blog. Watch out!

In the Jungle......

In Seattle, groovy Seattle
"The Lion King's" tonight!
In Seattle, noisy Seattle,
"The Lion King's" tonight.
Ahweeeeeee......eee.....eee....eeee...eee...eeee......dum.......duum........daway! As most of you already know, Timothy and I have the same birthday. So, this year I decided to have a whiz-bang celebration for our big day. I bought tickets to see Disney's Broadway production of "The Lion King" last Fall and squirreled them away until Christmas. Then I let them be unwrapped so we could await the big day in February.

Our funny Jaren/dinner funnies!

Jaren had a bad day today. He has bouts of asthma that bring on the seal cough. But he is a trooper. We pull out the "puffer machine" (aka nebulizer) and he is a pro at medicating himself. Don't even try to help him. "I can DO IT, MOM!" Silly Jaren. I love you!

A recent conversation at the dinner table:

Mom: "Jaren, why are you spreading peas on the table?"
Jaren: "Umm.......I don't know?"
Mom: "Well, maybe you should eat them. Okay?"
Jaren: "Okay."
Mom:" So then, where are you going to put them now?"
Jaren: "In my hole."

Heart Day Extravaganza

Happy Valentine's Day. I love to celebrate heart-day. Here is our little family breakfast. The boys are arranging the mini-muffins into a heart for display. Nice job boys! We love the mini heart muffin pan. Too bad it only comes out once a year.Next comes the heart-shaped fried eggs. Sunny side-up or over-easy?