Happy, Happy Birthday!

In Holly's own words, "I'm a whole handful!" By this she doesn't mean she is a hard child or a "handful" for her mother. (And she is most certainly NOT.) She means she is finally 5-a whole handful of fingers!The "birthday snake". It is doughnuts halved and laid out in a snaky pattern with strawberry scales. Holly made sure he had blue eyes just like she has. Check out the size of the strawberry we used for the snake's head. YUM! This was Holly's breakfast choice. Mmmm. A little birthday glee on Holly's face.

It's raining, it's pouring.............

................and my blog is snoring!
I know, I know............I haven't written in a long time. Here's my excuse. (big sigh....keep reading.)
I have had the flu. Yup....the full blown flu. It has been almost a week. I feel like I was hit by a truck and I only have enough strength to get up for 15 minutes or so and then I'm bushed! But amongst all the flu-ishness, I had an adventure. Let me tell ya'll 'bout it.

I went to the post office two nights ago. During the day I stayed in bed or on the couch. The kids were very kind to me and let me relax some. So, I thought I could drive a few blocks to the post office. I made it fine and dropped off my mail and headed back to the car.

Kid's Pics

All my beautiful babies!

Look, Grandma! I finally got my braces on.

Pretty Ariana

Silly Faces

Ariana was noting the fact that her cheeks hold a lot of food one night. We happened to be having meatballs and spaghetti. She went under the table and came up looking like this.........Ariana: "Mom, do my two big front teeth stick out like a chipmunk?"
Me: Giggling...."Yeah, I like the silly eyes, too? What is in your cheeks?"
Ariana: "I have a whole meatball in each side. Do I look like a chipmunk?"

Crazy Kidz

The week before Christmas vacation is always fun at the kid's school. This time they had a series of "fun" days. These pics come from "crazy hair day". Even Ryan supported the school spirit with a head full of piggies. I wish I had gotten a picture of him when they all came out. FRIZZ!! Ariana wanted to be "upside down". This was the best I could come up with. Notice the french braid starts at the bottom and goes up. And yes......I made her stand on her head to do her 'do'.


The big CUT!

We finally cut Ariana's hair to give to Locks of Love. She did this two years ago, just before school started. So we were a little later this year, but someone will get three beautiful ponytails of long blonde hair. Here she is before..................................

Cute smile with a few missing teeth.

Use your HEAD!!

Prepare to be Amazed!

My Dad sent this video to me in an email and I could not believe my eyes! This is a man in Bangladesh who is a brick hauler. Nope........he doesn't use a wheelbarrow. Make sure your sound is on so you can hear how heavy these bricks are. Check it out!

Happy Family Birthday!

I have this wonderful friend who has an anniversary today and they celebrate it as a "family birthday". How neat is that! So here is a celebration shout for you, Anne and Brad! You are two of the neatest people I know. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your beautiful family!

I survived! (my worst day ever!)

It's Veteran's Day and I have dubbed myself a veteran. "A veteran of what?" you may ask. A veteran of TODAY. I survived THIS DAY! Let me explain:

This week I have 4 sick kids. Not to mention I don't feel so hot myself. The kids are grouchy and irritable and to put it politely......they are sick in both "ends".

So, here is my list of things I have survived this week. (Note: it is only Tuesday!)

1-Jaren has thrown up or .......... on all of his bedding in the last 24 hours. And this kid has a lot of bedding!

2-I have done 14 loads of laundry since yesterday. (No, 14 is NOT an exaggeration. I am still counting and two more should be done tonight. I was thinking all day, "Wow, that washer and dryer have run non-stop for two days. I hope the dryer doesn't go out.")

3-At the dinner table tonight:


My friend Anne's little boy was over to play with Jaren today. I heard them giggling and screaming in the kitchen. I had to get a video. They had taken the lid off the tank of goldfish. One of them would dip the very end of their finger into the bowl and then yank it out. The other would scream and clap for them. It was hilarious. They were so brave to touch the scary fishies!
Watch the's too cute.


Ryan intended to be a private investigator for Halloween. As you can see, he altered the costume a bit. His fedora is a little battered for all the play and wear, so he painted on a beard, smeared cocoa powder on his clothes to look dirty, made a satchel for his shoulder and (Voila!) he transformed into a Hobo. (or a bum, rather!) I guess boys will be boys. Of course, a rootbeer bottle found its way into his costume. I didn't allow it to go out with us, but it seems to be in all the pictures. Aaargh!

Eek! Those beady little eyes! mousie! (Jaren's words for "I'm a mouse!") CHEESE!! (Pun intended :)

Ooohhhhhh! Look tail flopped at the end.

Sleepy Doll

Our little Aurora. She's been telling us that she would be Aurora for Halloween ever since we put her to bed last Halloween night. And just by coincidence........this was the only costume left when we found one for her and just in the right size, too. It must be fate. Isn't she dazzling! This is my crown for the Miss (Hometown) pageant I was in. It was fun to see her wear it.


I loved the looks Ariana gave her daddy when he was getting a few pictures of her in costume.
First Flying lessons!Nice attitude!

"Monk"ing Around!

Today I was bathing Holly and Jaren. It had been a messy day (read- Jaren and chocolate in the shopping cart) and he needed a good scrub. When I got the two clean this is what I found in the living room:

Windows blacked-out with couch cushions and diapers stuffed in the holes to make sure it is extra dark....................

And the two older kids doing their schoolwork by the candles in the fireplace.

True Hero

Yesterday morning I finished This book:

Three Cups of Tea makes my list of all time favorite books. This man is a hero:

Funnies and giggles

Timer on the oven: "Beep, beep, beep"

Mom: "Who set the timer?"

Ariana: (in the distance) "Me!"

Mom: "Why? Do you want me to leave it on or turn it off?"

Ariana: "You can turn it off.....I am in the bathroom soaking my Manicles."

Mom: "Your what?"

Ariana: "My Manicles. It takes five minutes in hot water before I can push them back. Then will you paint my nails?"

I guess she squeezed MANicure and cutICLES together and made up her own word. I was in stitches.

IQ Test Anyone?

I got the IQ link below from my uber-smart sister-in-law and it looked very intimidating. Then I got curious and took the quiz anyway. Jaren was screaming and turning the monitor on,off,on,off,on,off, ON and that's enough! Ryan was poking my shoulder and asking me to find his bike in the neighbors yard. The girls wanted me to play a game or call the neighbors since they were now home from school. (big sigh....) Despite the distractions, I did rather well. I may be a mom, but I can still be clever some of the time. *wink*

IQ Test - IQ Test