Kids say the darndest things!

Holly: "Momma, will you please pass the college cheese?"

Ryan: "I can't wait until I am a newlywed."

Mom: "What? Why do you want to be a newlywed anyway?"

Ryan: "Cause I think it would be really fun to smash a glass on purpose."

I guess he must have watched Fiddler on the Roof one too many times. *Hee Hee*

Baby Beautiful

Timothy has been playing around with his SLR again and I find the most surprising pictures. This one caught my attention today. Here is little Holly in the back yard. It was her first day of "school" and she needed to show daddy the teepee she made. (not noticeable in her hand) But of course, Daddy found the beauty in the moment and the teepee was not-so-mistakenly left out. What a beautiful baby we have!

First attempt

You may wonder why I entitled this entry "first attempt". I'll explain.
I found this bike trailer years ago at a used shop and I couldn't leave without it. Really,we were on our way out to leave and Timothy almost left without me, but I could not leave without this beauty coming with me. So, here is it. Two years and another baby later and we get to go on our first outing. (I bought the thing and used it once when I was pregnant with Jaren. ) Note to self: Riding a bike hurts much LESS when not pregnant!
I digress......We decided to take the kids on a family outing to go bike riding. We found the perfect paved trail. Starting and ending at a park. It was six miles in length and everything seemed perfect.


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Quirk #1-I have to wake up in the morning when the alarm clock makes sense. For example:

5:49- Five + four =Nine
7:25- Seven -two = Five

Four Beautiful Eyes!

So, Ariana had us scared for a while. She got hit in the head with a baseball bat in a neighborhood game of "whiffle ball". So, the ball is soft.....but well......the bat isn't. She had an MRI done because she was suffering some pretty severe headaches and seeing purple lines occasionally.
The doc rans some tests and everything turned out fine. So, they sent her for a full pediatric workup on her eyes. And wouldn't you know it. Our little girl who taught herself to read at age 3 can't see very well! I have heard that early readers generally pay for it later, but I didn't know it would be this bad. She got her glasses about three weeks ago and hasn't had a headache since. Wow, you would think I would have thought of that first. But she turns out to be far-sighted, so she doesn't squint. That would have given us a hint.

Cubscout Day Camp!

Ryan had a blast a cubscout day camp this year. His first time and what a time it was! Four exhausting days of little boys and lots of fun. Ryan made friends, projects, bulls-eyes, and one very dirty load of laundry by the end of each day at camp. These are all the beads and "dingle-dangles" he earned. The most anticipated moment!!! The archery range. He spent most of the summer looking forward to camp just for the archery and bb guns. He did really well. Look out Robin Hood- here comes Ryan Hood.

Visitor to our house

Timothy captured a picture of this little bandit at our house last night. It is hard to see because the camera focused on the weed instead of the raccoon, but isn't he cute?

Ariana's 7th Birthday Luau!

We were still in Utah to celebrate Ariana's 7th birthday. We got to celebrate here last year. She is beginning to think we should do it every year. We celebrated at a little diner near Fish Lake on her actual birthday, but once we got back to Grandma and Papa's house we had a birthday Luau complete with pineapple upside down cake, lei's and a grass skirt.

We Limbo-ed and Papa favored us with some awesome Ukelele music. But then the inevitable happened......................

Handsome Clan

My Brothers and I were all together for the evening last month, so we all got a group shot. It has been 9 years since we had a family photo. We have grown by six new members. Can you spot them all? (Minako, Yoshiki, Zackery, Ariana, Holly, Jaren) Grandma and Papa hold the littlest ones!

A trip down Memory Lane

My Grandma Schaugaard decided to throw a great big party! All seven of her children (my aunts and uncles) grew up going as a family to Fish Lake. Then we started going as families when we were kids. And now me and my siblings take our children.

Well, Grandma decided to do it again. Despite thousands of miles between them all-each of the seven brothers and sisters(my Dad) decided to come and bring their children (me) and their grandchildren (my kids). As you can see, we were quite a crew. We stayed in the cabins as is tradition and had lots of fun together. I got to see all my cousins again and their beautiful children. What a time!

Mauery's love the theater!

I (Chanin)grew up loving the theater. I remember going to the Pardo Theater at Brigham Young University to see "Arsenic and Old Lace" with Mom when I was barely more than a toddler. Mom and Dad always had season tickets and this time Dad had another engagement. So, I got to take his place as Mom's date. I laughed and laughed at Uncle Teddy. As I grew older I often asked to go along with Mom and Dad. Soon, they started buying another set of season tickets just for me. Thanks, Dad and Mom! I love the theater.

Here are my own little thespians! Ryan's first play. Here he is front and center announcing the arrival of King Minos. He plays one of the Super-cool (sunglasses included) King's messengers.

Twisty Rope Hair

Preschool Graduation

Our Sweet little Holly has graduated from preschool! Here are a few pictures of the ceremony and our budding student. Holly is all smiles. The graduate in her cap and gown.
Michael, Holly, Taylor, Cameron, Julie, MIA-Lucy

The things I find on the table!

Today I found this funny little picture on the table. Not every 8 year-old has this funny kind of talent. Notice the expressions on the faces of these musicians. I love the fun effect of their various hair heights. Also, I might guess their music is not the flowing type. Thanks, Ryan, for the laugh today. (As a side note-Ryan's favorite music is orchestral, so this picture was quite fun to find.)

Wildlife along the way

Here are a few picture of the wildlife we saw on our trip to Glacier. Timothy was pretty fast to get the picture of this little guy coming out of his hole. He was cute!

These horses run wild in the park. Actually, I took this picture while we were in Blackfeet territory. They were eating and I thought the kids would like the picture of the baby with his mother.

Honeymoon at age 10!

So, I realized after a few comments that there are some of you who didn't know why we were taking this trip as a Honeymoon. When we were married ten years ago, it was in a whirlwind. Timothy and I met and decided to get married right away. He was graduating from BYU and leaving to get a Master's Degree from The George Washington University in Washington DC. He would be attending their satelite campus in Virginia a few miles south. This was located at the NASA Langley Research center. So, we got married and *BOOM* moved to Virginia in our tiny car. We pulled what little we had in the below pictured, tiny, 3X4 trailer. We were off to find a place to live in VA. This meant (sad face)......... no honeymoon. So, now our marriage is ten years mature and we finally got to take a trip to celebrate. So, there you have it. Check out the silly picture of us below (ten years younger)........ and on with the story!

Glacier National Park

Okay, I am finally back and at the computer. I can't believe it took me this long to start getting it all down. So, here goes. I'll post a bit about all the things we've done this summer. But a few pics at a time. So....stay tuned.

This is a picture of the train station in Downtown Seattle. We embarked on our journey here. It had all the glamour of yesterday. I loved the lights and all the ornate "stuff" on the walls. They are in the middle of renovating their 60 foot ceilings. It's gonna be beautiful.

I'm not lost, just behind!

Yes, we had a wonderful time at Glacier Park. I can't believe I survived the week without the munchkins. (And I can't believe Grandma survived a week WITH them. What a trouper!) I have been home now almost a week and I am barely catching up with laundry. Give me a few more and I'll catch you all up on the trip and it's glorious details!!

Dessert Dilemma

Holly being caught Cookie-handed! Okay, so here is my dilemma:
We have treats every Monday night as a part of our Family Home Evening (Click here if you don't know what this is). We have a rotating chart that hangs on the wall, and each week one of the kids gets to choose what goodie we have for the evening. They love anticipating their turn and thinking about it for a couple of weeks while we rotate through the family.
However, it is tradition in my family that Sunday night is dessert night. Mom almost always made goodies Sunday evening. So, we are all home and together Sunday evenings and it feels like treat time.

Bunch of Blue Monkeys?

This pic had to make the blog-not so much because they look like a bunch of monkeys eating chocolate covered bananas, but because you had to see Holly's face. She got ahold of the blue eyeshadow(see two posts ago) and applied it LIBERALLY to her face. She asked me if I thought she was beautiful. What do you say? "Um, that is ALOT of beautiful, why don't we tone it down?" Well, actually, I just laughed and got a wash cloth.