Wo Wo-Wo Wo

This is Jaren's equivelant of a good joke. He puts two of his "wo-wo's" in his mouth and giggles. Here he is just hamming it up, trying to get someone to laugh. Your beautiful, baby!!

Dance Recital

Here is our pretty Ana in her dance outfit. She has been taking dance this year and loving it. Here she is back stage getting ready.

Do-it-yourself Chia

Here is Ryan's attempt at a Chia man. He took a nylon stocking and filled it with saw dust and a few grass seeds in the top. He drew funny foam features (like my alliteration?) and made a little man.

With a little water and about 6 is what he got. I thought it was a lot of fun watching him "grow a do". You can see that Ryan has even given him a haircut or two.


Just my luck!! Last night I took the kids outside and let each of them pick a potted tomato and plant it in the garden. I was so pleased that we were actually getting them in the ground BEFORE June. Well, wouldn't you know it? (big sigh and a bunch of murmering)-- IT IS HAILING OUTSIDE! Poor little plants. I guess I should never plant before June. The cosmos is speaking!

Jaren's first PLAYDO!!

A scout is CLEAN.

Our cub scout den had uniform inspections and Ryan was determined to get every point possible. There are a number of requirements like pressed shirt, pants with no holes, ironed neckerchief, badges correctly sewn on.........etc.
Well, there were a few that Ryan did not expect, like: combed hair, clean hands and fingernails, and clean face. He planned all day for a shower right before scouts. He helped to iron his shirt and get all the details in place. He did scrub his face, hands, nails, and anything else a little boy likes to put in the dirt.
He looked ship-shape if you ask me. Maybe uniform inspection should come around more often. I like the look of a clean and handsome boy!

Black Magic Cake

I made a cake for FHE a few weeks ago and I just had to share with you. I got the recipe after winning one of these cakes at an auction a few years ago. I paid considerably more than I should have, but it was worth it for the recipe. (and a good cause to boot!) Now that I know what went into it.............I should never have put it into my mouth (much less make another one). You start by melting together:

Eight broken full-sized Milky Way bars
One cup of butter

One tough Chick!

Today I was in the car running some errands. We got to an area of town that makes me kind of nervous sometimes. I said, "kids, please lock your doors for Mom." I didn't tell them it was because I was nervous, but Ariana must have figured it out on her own. She turned to me and said, "Mom, if our town was a chicken, this area would be the tough part!" I got a good laugh out of it. And yes, it is the "tough" part of town.