Nathan's Big Boy Bed

The big boy bed
The big boy bed

For the past six months or so, Nathan has been sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor, sharing a room with Nicole. We moved them in together so Annie could have a room to herself while she is still a crying machine. When Nathan switched rooms, we moved him out of his daybed (crib) and onto a real, big-boy mattress. He was so excited. We looked and looked for a bed that we liked, but could not find one.

Pictures of Anne

Napping on Dadimg_2002I remembered to bring the camera home with me this evening. The big kids and I spent the afternoon at the hospital with Lauren and Anne. Little Anne slept most of the time that we were there. I think she must have napped in my arms for nearly three hours. That is fine with me. In my opinion, cuddling is all babies are good for. They grow out of it so fast; Nathan was my previous cuddle bug and is getting to be a little too big and bony to be a cuddle bug.

Speaking of Nicole and Nathan, when we arrived at the hospital, Anne had a present for each of them: a cape, for the Super Siblings; a magnifying glass, for seeing all her little parts; and a pinwheel because they are fun. The two caped heroes are pretty darn cute. I am sure they will be great helpers with their new baby sister.

The rest of the pictures we have taken so far can be found in the Tiny Anne album.

Say hi to Anne

Anne Muriel was born today at 5:39 P.M., weighing in at 8 lbs. 4 oz. and measuring 21 inches long. Labor and delivery went smoothly, despite being an induction. Well, it was mostly smooth from my point of view. I think it was somewhat less stressful than Nicole or Nathan's birth, but the whole labor/delivery thing freaks me out. The worst part was when the anesthesiologist was giving the epidural. That part took a while and was somewhat painful for Lauren. He wasn't nearly so good as Max, the attending anesthesiologist for Nicole's birth, who will forever live on in our minds as the laboring woman's best friend.

I would post pictures, but I forgot to bring the camera home with me from the hospital. I had to come home and rescue our dear neighbor from the crazy monkeys that are my kids. Who, by the way, are the cutest little things ever. When Nathan heard that Anne was born, his eyes lit up and he said, "Now I'm a big brother!" She's in good hands.

Lego Adventure

Nathan got a little Lego set for his birthday and it has turned into a daily favorite. Honestly, I think Nicole loves it even a little more than Nathan does. Mostly she builds the trucks and machines that are in the little 'manual' of ideas that came with it. She is getting to be darn good at following those instructions. Nathan loves for Nicole to build him things. Or me. Or Lauren. He can 'fix' broken things but still isn't quite up to creating new things.

Yesterday before we headed to church, we had a little bit of time to play with the Legos. After building a big super dumper truck that used all the wheels and both treads, I let Nicole and Nathan build things while I started building something out of what they didn't want. Very quickly, it turned into a Segway. Cool. Then I built a dude to ride it. I am pretty proud of them, so we had a little photo shoot.

A book for Daddy.

A while ago Dallin and Eliza made a book for their daddy. It's one of those things that when you see it your heart turns to butter. I love it and am mainly posting it so I can look at it whenever I want.

The Barber Shop

The other day Eliza got out all her grooming tools and opened up a barber shop. She "cut" Dallins hair and then he cut hers. They used there blankets for the cape and actually had pretty good technique. I just couldn't help but snap some pictures.

Down on the Farm

Check it out -- it's our farm! Okay, technically it's not our farm, but it's the CSA we're signed up with this year. They had an open house day last Monday, and we decided it'd make a perfect FHE activity with the kids. So we drove out to Forest Grove in spite of some of Oregon's patented "liquid sunshine" to check out the farm operations and see where all our lovely produce will be coming from this summer.


Last Saturday, we trekked to the Oregon Zoo with the Harts to go check out the zoo's newest attraction: DINOSAURS!!! Robotic ones, of course, but still very cool. Both our kids and Devon were excited to see them up close, as evidenced by the loud and long grrrrrrowling the kids were doing while riding the MAX train to the zoo. :)

Here are Vernon and the kids with one of Dad's favorites: pachycephalosaurus. Better known at our house as the "bonk-a-saurus" because of the bony, helmet-like lump on top of his head. These dinos would bash heads over girls and turf, just like males in every generation.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! Have you all sunk into your chocolate-bunny-induced stupors yet? We're still recovering from the sugar rush, as well as the usual Sunday runaround, but I wanted to share pics from our Easter week.

We were lucky enough to share our Easter celebrating with Grandma Nancy, who came to visit from Wednesday to Saturday. Unfortunately, both she and I fought illness during the week, but we still managed to have a good time. Mostly, we hung around home to give Grandma some quality grandkid time, reading lots of books and playing trains (Nathan is obsessed with Thomas the Train). We spent Friday afternoon dying Easter eggs -- and Nathan's hands. :) Nicole was especially proud of her pink, sticker-covered egg. She is one girly girl, my daughter.

The Garden Begins

Happy Family Home Evening night! What did you do this evening? At our house, it was time to start our garden. Vernon is already having visions of tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli.

In an effort to extend Portland's growing season, we're starting a few things from seed in planters this year. We've had kind of disappointing production from our gardening efforts in the past, so we're pulling out all the stops we know to get more veggies out of our little plot of land. And that means taking the operation indoors for a few months.

Touring the Fire Station

My little firefighter got a great present on Saturday. A local fire station has been in the process of renovating the past few months, but it's finally finished, and they had an open house to celebrate. Since Nathan hasn't taken his helmet from his firefighter Halloween costume off since October, we thought we ought to take him by. :)

We toured the firehouse, but the best part of the open house by far was getting to climb in the fire trucks! There were three out to look at, and one where you could get in the cab and check out all the knobs and buttons. The kids were a little hesitant at first, but pretty soon we got Nicole to climb up on Daddy's lap, checking out the radio, and generally running the place.

The Mark of a Watson

Nathan and I talking this morning about what to have for breakfast:

L: Hey, Nathan, do you want to have toast or cereal this morning?

N: "I'm starving for waffles!"

Sounds like a Watson to me....

(The photo is Nathan going at his silver dollar pancakes with both fists at the Pig 'N' Pancake in Cannon Beach, OR.)

Giving Blood

These past two weeks, we've been hunkered down sick. The first week was a cold -- coughing, congestion, the works -- that we ALL got. Then, when we finally thought we were getting better, Nathan came down with a fever on Monday of 102. And it didn't let up. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday -- still had a fever. So, worried about a fever that lasted that long, I called the pediatrician, who said to bring him in the next morning.

Entertainment at the Mauery House

We've been sick at our house for, well, 10 days or so now, and apparently the cabin fever is setting in. The kids have always gotten a kick out of watching us juggle, so a few nights ago, Vernon and I pulled out our act.

Then we got in a contest to see who could stack the most beanbags on their head. Vernon set the record with a 15-beanbag stack, but Lauren stacked 13 AND went from sitting to standing without letting the stack fall over!

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Day. One of my favorite holidays. One of last holidays not completely given over to commercialism but so hard to keep focused on with all the pre-Christmas stuff already going on. (What IS Santa going to bring to my kids this year?)

But I digress. I do love Thanksgiving. The turkey, the stuffing -- especially the stuffing -- the pie, the family time.... It just doesn't get much better than that. We had a great day today. The kids drew pictures of what they are thankful for (is it a coincidence that they both said, "Dad" first when asked what they wanted to draw?)

Preschool Pilgrims

Nicole's preschool class put on a Thanksgiving feast this week. The kids made the centerpieces and wore costumes. Nicole's class were pilgrims and wore paper hats and wide collars. I think they're pretty darn cute. Nicole, however, was too enamored with her "feast" to give her mother a smile for the camera. :) Grapes, popcorn, and corn muffins are apparently completely enthralling to my four year old. Hope our real feast is as fun as this!

Little picnic princess


Princess Nicole

Of all things the media (read Disney) had to push upon the poor unsuspecting parents of this world, did they have to choose princesses? Sure, while some of the princess fairy tales have some redeeming value in the form of a good moral or something, that is not what is emphasized in all the princess glamor hoopla. Try as we did, we just could not shield Nicole from this one. They get you coming and going. All her friends are doing it. Nicole is our little princess.

A dillar, a dollar, a dinosaur scholar


Goin' Fishin'

We have a lot of ground to cover since Christmas. I suppose more frequent updates would alleviate this problem, but what would be the fun in that? I am just going to say that I have been very busy and that will have to suffice for my excuse.

A few weeks ago Nathan and I went 'fishing' with some friends at a local lake that was recently stocked with trout. I made a fishing pole for Nathan out of a stick of bamboo and a piece of small rope. While we didn't catch anything (not that we expected to with the gear we brought), we had a lot of fun. Enough fun that we went again a month later and brought Nicole along with us. Mostly, they just ran around chasing ducks and playing with the other kids while all the dads fished and talked. But it was really a nice relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning. Someday, I might even invest in some real fishing tackle and a license. Until then, we will just have to fill up on our imaginary fish. Or we could always tell the story of the one that got away...

The (pre)school girl

bean bagged

bean bagged

Since I wrote about Nathan and all his super-great qualities, I feel the need to report on our super-duper-great girl as well. I guess it must have become commonplace around here that Nicole is no longer a toddler; Nathan has taken that role. Nicole is a big girl.In daddy's shoes

In daddy's shoes

The pants that we used to roll up now fit just right. She can dress herself without any help from us. Her words and phrases get more sophisticated every day.