Six Month Tricks

My baby is SO FAT.

This is as close as I'll come to posting the pics we took of Annie's adorable, dimpled backside. She is happily awaiting her bath -- after happily overfilling her diaper. :)

Wide-mouthed frog. Remember what I said about her opening her mouth REALLY wide?

New Arrival

Annie's first tooth! Lower right central incisor, if you care. And no, those aren't her actual teeth -- it's way too small to see in photos right now. But my finger on her gums says it is definitely there.

Geez, she's getting big.

Annie - 5 Months

For her five-month birthday, here are five things about Annie:

1. She shows she's excited by squealing loudly. Or by opening her mouth REALLY wide.

2. She can now do Vernon's favorite baby trick (see below):

Past Life

Remember when I had time to do stuff like this?

Yeah, me neither.

Thanksgiving Poem

By Nicole
Thanksgiving is great theirs
nothing to hate. The food is
so good I love the stuffing
it tastes like a muffin.
I love thanksgiving!

Hope your holiday was as fun as our girl's!

It's Official

You know you're a nursing mommy when:

You hear the band with your current favorite song (Michael Fronte "Say Hey")

Is coming to your town.

Opening for John Mayer.


And you're not going.

Dang babies.

(Don't you love that song?? It makes me dance.)

Got Your Back

When I was single, I heard lots and lots of advice about how to choose a future mate. Most was trite, some was silly, but this one (I forget its author) stuck with me:

Choose somebody who would be good in a foxhole.

At first, I didn't get it. Marriage, according to YW lessons and romantic comedy lore, was wedded bliss. A state of happiness to be sought after and enjoyed thoroughly with a man who made your stomach churn with butterflies when you saw him and sent you up on tiptoes when you kissed.

Love was NOT a battlefield. (Apologies to Pat Benatar.)

But now I have a different view.

The battlefield is LIFE.

The winning strategy is LOVE.

My day to day life is fraught with peril. Not so much to my person (though Annie's spit threatens to drown me in laundry), mostly to my fragile sanity. And the peril comes from many sources. Exhaustion, stress, demands, and to-do lists pelt me day in and day out. It sure seems like the world is coming at me from all sides.

It Was a Dark and....Not....Stormy Night

Great weather for haunting! Near-full moon. Clear, cold air. Stars twinkling. Squealing children running the streets.

Pumpkins carved.

Headless Halloween

Gorilla Son

Witch Hat Daughter

The Headless Horseman Daddy

Three Months for Annie

And ain't she cute.

Why I Haven't Posted Lately

CJane says it better than I do. So go read it here in her post, Post Pardon.

Babies are great.

Hard, but great.

Baby Blessing

You're invited!

Annie's baby blessing will be held on Sunday, September 27, at 1:00pm
at the Cooper Mountain Ward (17140 SW Bany Rd, Beaverton, OR).
We'd love to see you there but will understand if you can't make it.

If you'd like to come (especially if you're coming from out of town and would like to stay at our place), please let us know so we can have plenty of yummy food and
fun stuff to share with you. :) Hope to see you there!


The Mauerys

I Love My Kiddos

From the Enjoy It While It Lasts department:

Nathan: Mom! Can Nicole and me fold the laundry??

Me: Sure.

Nathan: Woo-hoo!!!

If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words....

Annie is four weeks old this week! And since I don't have a great photographer friend close by (sad), you just have to deal with my pictures of my darling girl. This is my first attempt at capturing her little smile, and I got a few close ones. She reserves all her best grins for her big sister, right now.

Annie Girl

In honor of my baby girl's one-week birthday, here's her birth story. Mostly so I remember, but also for those who like reading these things.

*Warning to the squeamish*
Stop reading now if you object to words like "uterus" and "dilated."


Thoughts on being 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant

I am....

Inordinately grateful for conversations that don't revolve around babies, due dates, and advice for how to induce labor.

Inordinately annoyed by people who say their docs let them go 3 WEEKS overdue.

Praying the weatherman is taking hallucinogenic drugs and that this week doesn't actually get up to 100+ degrees.

Grateful for kids and a calling that keep me from just sitting on my duff waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.....

Incredulous that I'm still going to my ward's exercise group. My friends there are my sanity! Who knew you could still do a full set of push-ups at 40+ weeks???

Thinking my uterus likes babies entirely too much. She's eager to get them in there and then doesn't want to let them go.

Beginning to consider outlandish things to start labor. I do draw the line at drinking castor oil, though. ICK.

Happy Independence Day!

After weeks in the blessedly cool 70s, summertime has officially made its entrance in the Rose City. It's been in the 90s all week, which means a few things at our house:

Homemade 4th of July decor-- thanks to Nicole.

Eating peas right out of the pod. Oh, happy day!

Here's My Version

Today I got to go do something I hope never to repeat.

But at least it was successful!

About a week ago, my doctor found that my baby girl is directionally challenged: she was trying to come out feet first.

Not okay.

So they scheduled something called a "version." Which means this:

First, nurse sticks an IV in my hand, then gives me a shot of essentially caffeine to help relax my uterus. (I will NEVER be tempted to drink coffee if this is what loads of caffeine feels like.) A doctor slathered my belly with a 1/4-inch-thick layer of KY jelly to make a smooth work surface.

And then the fun begins.

I don't know what I thought it would feel like for someone to poke and prod the baby inside of me, but it was something akin to having a deep tissue massage directly on bones. There were thumbs of doctors pushing HARD all over and I swear my baby became all sharp pointy parts like elbows and knees and feet and when thumbs meet pointy baby parts they squish Mom's skin in between and her stomach skin is bordering on the rupture point.

Pickle Turns Six!

My baby girl turned six last week.

Let me say that again:

My baby girl turned six last week!

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Last week, we did our annual trip to "our farm" (the CSA, or co-op, we signed up for last year) to see all the lovely baby vegetables.

And all the lovely farm equipment. :)

Nathan, of course, loved pulling levers, pushing pedals, turning steering wheels, and generally hogging the tractors. Notice the other small boy looking longingly at the driver's seat.... We did make sure we taught some lessons in taking turns. :)