What Summer Looks Like

If you're a little boy (or have a little boy), you know this drill. But it was new for *our* little boy. Bring on the clippers!

Didn't his daddy do a great job?

What?? A New Post?

Man, I am one lazy blogger mom. Almost a month since my last post??? Watch out, everybody. It's catch-up time...

First, fishing trip! We picked a fabulous weekend in May and took the kids to Hagg Lake. One of the guys Vernon works with at the temple decided that Vernon, as a good daddy, needed to take our kids fishing. So that good brother loaned us all his gear, we loaded up the car, and off we go!

Nathan realizing that fishing is a waiting game. Difficult sport for a four-year-old. Though he is very much enjoying the sunshine. And wearing his sunglasses. :)

I'm Writing This Because...

....because I need to remind myself this morning that Jesus knows my mother heart.

Matthew 14. Jesus finds out that His friend, cousin, and prophet, John the Baptist, has been beheaded. And when Jesus hears of His friend's death, "he departed thence by ship into a desert place apart."

A horrible thing had happened to someone He loved, and since He was mortal and felt pain like we do, I assume He wanted some time alone. He might have been tired. Or needed to sort out some feelings. Or just pray and seek peace from the Father.

But did He get alone time?


What usually happened to Him happened again. The "great multitude" followed, and brought with them all their needs and cares for Him to patch up and heal. Were they really who He wanted to see right then -- the needy and hungry, begging constantly for His attention?

Probably not.

Did He turn them away? Or even sigh wearily, heavily, as He addressed them?


He "was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick."

Four is for Forklift

Woo-hoo! Nathan turned four last Friday, May 1, and we celebrated all weekend long. First was birthday dinner with the Harts. Nathan's choice:

Hot dogs
Potato salad
Carrot sticks
Tiger cake

Tiger cake??? Don't ask me where he came up with that. I considered doing a fancy cake to top last year's fire truck, but I ran out of gas. (I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant, okay?) So we did a chocolate cake with orange and white stripes, and he was totally happy with it.

Cuz it was chocolate.

Then it was on to the.....

Birthday party!

Li'l Red Hen Girl

It's kindergarten tradition to have the kids put on a production of the classic story of the hard-working, put-upon Little Red Hen. Our girl was one of the hens, and her favorite part was making her mask herself. With a little help from mom. But mostly herself. :)

Anybody else think it's odd that 3 of the 4 "hens" are boys....? The only part in the whole show that is gender-specific and this is what they do. Of course, Nicole was the best hen. And the cutest.

Not that I'm biased.

Dang Swine Flu

We're avid NPR listeners at our house. And in our car. And wherever there's a radio. I'm never sure how much the kids pick up, though.

The past two days, we've been hearing a ton about swine flu (and can I just say here: ENOUGH ALREADY!). Viruses, people sick, people dying. But it took me a few repetitions to understand the question Nathan had about what he was hearing:

"Are irises deadful?"

Come again???

Oh, I get it.

Irises = viruses
deadful = fatal

I've really got to update my Adult-to-Preschooler Dictionary.....

Mama Wears Many Hats

But one I hadn't envisioned wearing is, "Official Baked-Goods Photographer."

For those of you who don't know already how lucky I got when I married Vernon, let me just tell you now that he LOVES baking bread. And pie. And ooey-gooey monkey bread. And uber-chocolatey brownies. And any number of yummy foodstuffs.

He's also decided that he likes when I photograph his handiwork. Captain Bread needs a sidekick, right?

Two products of last weekend:

Hoppy Easter

Am I the last one on earth to post Easter pics? Yep, I thought so. But Grandma would never forgive me if I didn't get some up there. :) So here goes:

Nicole in new Easter duds from Target. Have I mentioned today that I love getting little girl dresses at Target? Cheap. Pretty. Mod. Winner!

New York, New York

Okay, so this is way belated, but our New York girls trip last week was AWESOME!!! I'm gonna give you nuggets of info, pics to go with it, and reviews of the stuff we did. You know, for the next time you're in the Big Apple. :)

First, Times Square. CRAZY TOWN. Way too many people, though all the neon is impressive. Best part of Times Square is that it's close to the Theatre District.

The Name Game

Now that we know our little baby bump is the girl variety, we've started playing the name game. This is one of the reasons I'm a finding-out person, not a be-surprised person: it takes me FOREVER to decide on kids' names.

There is just so much to think about! I have to consider:

What Is Baby Made Of?

A little of this.....

...and a little of this...

Again, Random Thoughts. You're Welcome.

Thoughts of the week....

  • I've been waiting and waiting for this to happen, and it was very appropriate that this week, on President's Day, baby kicked his/her inaugural kicks. There've been a few maybe-kicks up to now, but Monday, that was the real thing. And thus begins my favorite part of pregnancy! (Ask me again at 8 1/2 months how I feel about feeling Baby kick....)
  • Pregnant brain is ruining me. In fact, I missed my parent volunteer day at Nicole's class this week. Was I busy, busy, busy -- so distracted that I forgot? Nope. Just sittin' around at home. Just plain forgot.
  • Vernon got a 45-gallon fish tank with all his birthday moola. He is one happy fish owner. Photos are forthcoming.
  • My kids are hilarious. Have I said that yet this week? Here are our best from today:

Nicole, while we're reading a book about tools:

Me: ".... and this is a sledge hammer."

Nicole: "Ooooh! I know about the sledge!"

M: "The sledge?"

I Love This Man

He's cute.

He's talented.

He's a top-shelf daddy.

Kid-isms of the Day

Heard at dinner tonight:

Nathan: You know, my mom has a baby in her tummy!

Mary Lou: I have a baby in my tummy, too.


Nathan: I have a frog in my throat!


at storytime, we read an alphabet book, and Nicole was rattling through the C words:

"Cat, cap, combs, car, crayon, chair, calligator...."

And some cute pictures to round off the post:

Been Creeped Out Yet Today? - Part Two

So I stumble out of bed this morning, wash my face, and, still bleary-eyed, put in my contacts, then look up to see.....

THIS nasty thing on my bathroom wall!!!

*full-body shiver*

We've seen these before, unfortunately, and I know they're awful to smash. Of course, this is the morning when Vernon is working at the temple and NOT HOME to do his husbandly duty of SMASHING SPIDERS.

So I did the only thing I could do.

I trapped it in a mason jar to await hubby's arrival. And then had a photo shoot. :)

Love Is in the Air...Literally

I'm a person who likes to decorate. Unfortunately, my supply of Valentine's decorations is pretty slim. As in, nonexistent. On the other hand, my supply of excess cardstock is healthy. :) Thankfully, there were plenty of options in V-day colors, and I found this great idea for ornaments here. Aren't they cute?

Been Creeped Out Yet Today?

Found this exciting new baby product that FREAKS ME OUT.

I get the theory behind it, but couldn't they come up with a better shape for the things?

And also, our high council speaker today quoted Jay Golden Kimball. He told some story about how Elder Kimball was speaking somewhere and there were raucous deacons in the front row. Elder Kimball (who apparently had a high, squeaky voice - anybody got a source for that?) told the boys, and our speaker told US, loudly, from the podium, to:


Our ward mission leader put his head in his hands and couldn't look up for a LONG time. I can only guess he was saying many prayers that there weren't any investigators at church today.

Coming This Summer....

... to a family near you. We have number one: The Girl

... number two: The Boy

Cabin Fever Yet??

In case you haven't heard, we Portlanders have had a WILD couple of weeks. Snow started falling two weeks ago, and, due to some frigid temps and more snowfall, is STILL AROUND!

Unheard of.

The whole week of school before Christmas break was canceled, which means the kids were treated to a three-week winter break (hello, makeup days in the summer), and we've been pretty much housebound for two solid weeks. Chains are required on all roads in the county -- even if you've got 4-wheel drive -- and we're waiting for warmer temps this weekend to start to thaw us out.

So what do you do with two kids who are going stir crazy? First, as if you haven't seen enough of them already, make some colorful snowflakes.

Christmas Morning

This post was originally supposed to be about our whole Christmas day, but apparently I mostly got pictures of the kids opening presents. So Christmas morning it is. Enjoy!

Nathan rocks out on his new electric guitar. Thanks, Grandma Nancy!