Yep, It's Coffee Cake


You can call it Happy Cake.

Made some yesterday for some neighbors (the Snows, how appropriate) and had to keep some for ourselves. This is what happened when we cut it open.

Merry Christmas!

Spoke Too Soon

Okay, so I was complaining yesterday about the minimal snow, but apparently I upset karma or something because now we're really stuck. Overnight, the snow turned to ice and now the roads are caked with an inch and a half of slippery, traction-proof, treacherous ice. Chains were required all morning on the highways. And we're not done yet.

Weather reports say that we've got two more snowstorms on the way, sub-freezing temperatures all week, and possible freezing rain. Makes me glad we've got food storage put away and "Chuck" on the DVR.

A Snow Haiku

Only in Portland
would one inch and a half of
snow make a snow day

Tomorrow morning
school will likely be canceled --
there are no snow plows

I am going soft
in a city that cowers
in fear of powder

The Cutest Nudist

A news flash for you:
My kids love to rhyme.
Ev-er-y day.
All of the time.

They rhyme in the morning.
They rhyme at night.
They rhyme at the dinner table
(when Mom's out of sight).

They rhyme words like
family, dump truck, and orange.
They find rhymes with words
that make no sense.

Like borange.

We have to be careful
when rhyming sometimes,
to watch out for
troublesome, naughty-word rhymes.

And last night while preparing
my kiddies for bed,
Nathan came up with a rhyme
made me laugh off my head.

It's certainly true

Random Musings

I've been a lame blogger lately, so in lieu of an actual, well-thought-out post that would take me ages to write, I'm opting for posting a list of my current random thoughts. Just for the sake of posting.

I know.

You're welcome.

  • I bought a navy dress recently (on a great sale at Eddie Bauer). My question: what kind of shoes do I buy? Please, please tell me I don't have to buy navy shoes cuz it seems a little matchy-matchy. So what do I get? Tan? Brown? Grey? Something totally wacky? Help the accessory challenged!
  • Serving in the Primary is the absolute best. Relief Society is nice and all, but we have so much more fun in Primary. Maybe your ward is different, but in mine, Primary is where it's at. Whatever it is.
  • Nathan is regressing on potty training. Just when I thought we were really making progress. Will we never get the boy out of diapers...?

Did You Come Down from Your Sugar High Yet?

Recipe for fun Halloween:

Take two cute kids in the fall

A Glimmer of Hope

I hesitate to post this for fear of jinxing it, but a mom has to relish the little victories if she's going to stay sane, right?

Nathan has *gasp* started potty training!!

Of his own free will and choice, no less.

(Not that any other way would work with this boy.)

And he's been dry all day since Saturday.

(Minus one messy diaper, but that's another story....)

And we just bought an enormous pack of diapers from Costco. *sigh*

Use Your Expert Decoding Skills

I remember when my kids were first learning to talk and I had to try to decipher the gibberish that came out of their mouths. Now I have a new challenge: 5 year old spelling! Nicole figured out this summer that putting letters together on paper makes words (amazing things, those letters), but she's taken the game to a whole new level. Instead of asking me to help her spell, she sounds words out and writes them herself, leaving her attempts at English around the house for me to find and figure out.

See if you can decipher these (check your answers at the bottom):


Yeah, I'm Awesome.

IQ Score - IQ Score

How smart are you?

My Favoritest Book(s)

So I got invited to a bridal shower this week for a friend in my ward. It's her second marriage and she's got a house full of stuff already, so I asked for help on gift ideas, and she said:

"Just bring me a copy of your favorite book."

My favorite book???

Seriously??? No more direction than that? Fiction? Non-fiction? Novel? Poetry? Cookbook? Comic book? Drama? YA? Picture book? Self-help? College textbook? Essay collection?

See my dilemma?

So here's my question: what's your favorite book? I've included a list of mine to get you started (and I'll add to it as I think of more). Please, please. Help me choose!!

The Chosen
Empire Falls
The Book Thief
To Kill a Mockingbird
In the Time of the Butterflies

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Eats, Shoots, & Leaves

Have You Read This Yet?

Hey guys, I have a confession to make.

I'm a blogstalker.

And I mean that in the least creepy way possible. :)

I read a great literary blog here regularly, including a terrific writer by the name of cjane, whose personal blog I also decided to keep track of.


Her family has had a crazy month. Read all about it here and see if you don't cry. Just see if you don't.

And if (after reading about it) you want to help -- and buy some great handmade stuff -- go here tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'll be stalking -- uh, reading -- cjane. :)

Ye Scurrrrvy Dogs!

Today be National Talk Like a Pirate Day, so we be getting in the spirit here in our grand vessel. Here we have a snapshot of our pirate-y selves for your merriment. Ee-yarr!

0715 Parrot squawks, waking the household. Oh, wait, that be my young son, Bosun Nathan. He is one scurrrrvy dog.

0730 Roust out First Mate Nicole for vittles.

0745 Assemble in the galley for gruel and hardtack biscuits (hot cocoa and Vernon's wheat bread toast).

0824-0833 Scour closet for eyepatch to match new feathery captain's hat.

0834 Find eyepatch buried under pile of treasure maps in the dresser drawer.

0845 Ahoy, mateys! Ship sets sail for yon preschool, where wee ones convene for merry-making.

1045 Realize I left my peg leg in my other bag. Arrrrrrgh.

1150 Lunchtime -- slop in the galley.

1220 Avast! Here comes the huge, yellow tall boat! Grab ye packs and hoist the mainsail, mateys, or she'll pass us by!

1230-1256 Swab the deck.

To My Kids on the First Week of School



Hold still for a second so I can catch the grin on your 5-year-old face while we wait for the kindergarten bus. The camera didn't quite capture the gleam in your eye that you get when you're so excited you can hardly contain yourself.

Is It School Yet?

I quit counting how many times I've heard this question in the past few weeks as we've waited for school to start:

Mom, what are we going to do today???

When I hear that question, I know it's time to go the PARK!!! And thus we kicked off Park Week -- my own antidote to the "Dog Days of Summer" doldrums. Well, it was really more like 10 days, but who's counting anyway? :) So we started with....

Oaks Park

...for IBM's family day at the local amusement park. Think Lagoon before it got big, with the water park and stuff. Just a midway and some not-too-big rides, a few go-carts, and plenty of hot dogs at the picnic tables.

Remember those blue potatoes....?

We actually cut them up tonight for mashed potatoes, and check out the inside!

The lighting didn't quite do the color justice. They are SO purple. I can't even tell you. There are no words. Except these:

Get Your Veggie On: The Story of a Pizza

In our house, we love our veg.

We love our veg.

It's best when it comes from our own garden, courtesy of Vernon's green thumb and farm boy roots (that's roots like book, in case you didn't know). But what doesn't come from our own backyard this year is coming from my new favorite food find: the weekly harvest box from Sun Gold Farms.

We're in the peak of summer veggies, and this is what a typical box looks like when we pick it up from the farmer's market on Saturday:

More Utah Fun

My stellar sibs, James & Kates

Nathan & Nicole at the park near Grandma's house

Utah Trek

No, not that kind of trek.

No handcarts for us, thank you very much. Just a few planes and automobiles to get us to the land of the Wasatch Mountains (oh, how I miss them!), dry heat, and the Watson grandparents. Since a picture is worth a thousand words and all that and my fingers are already tired of typing, I'm gonna let the images mostly speak for themselves.

"Hike" to Silver Lake

Nathan & Uncle Stephen enjoying the picnic on a rock. It was the 24th of July, and apparently we were not the only ones who thought a picnic up the canyon sounded good, so tables were few and far between.

Toothless and Grinning

It's been a hectic month, so I'm going to blog about it in small pieces (how you eat an elephant and whatnot). First off, in case you weren't at the coast with us last week, you need to know that Nicole lost her FIRST TOOTH! Luckily, I have the tooth fairy's cell phone number, which is how she knew how to find us at the beach (that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it).

Nicole is one tooth poorer, but her piggy bank is a dollar richer.

And that's a happy thing.

Cape Kiwanda -- Cowabunga!

We just got back from a quick weekend at Pacific City at a friend's beach house, and boy did we have a good time! We packed plenty of good food, two kites, our beach gear, and some friends along for a wonderful weekend of fun in the sun. Which is what we got....

....with kite flying....
...and sand castle building....