Haeberle Baby #7

I went to the doctor for my 1st appointment and we got to see our little froggie swimming around. I'm 12 weeks today and having been feeling poorly for the past 6. I can't wait for the nausea to take it's leave. After a miscarriage in November we are super excited to be expecting so quickly. We told the kids this evening and they were all happy. Penny saw the ultrasound pictures and excitedly said, "It's a monkey!" Here are the pictures from today's adventure!Oh, the baby is due August 30th and we can't wait!!

Eliza and Clover

It's been a long winter and Eliza has really missed playing with Clover in the grass. I finally decided she could bring her bunny inside and she loved it. Clover liked being in the warmth of our house also. She layed herself flat out adn took a little nap. Cute!We can't wait for spring!!


Eliza was assigned to make a 3-D model of Venus for school. Over the past 2 days we have unsuccessfully attempted making it twice and we finally succeeded the third time. We wasted spray paint and 2 different types of balls only to realize they weren't going to work. Finally in a state of near panic I drove to Wal-Mart in search of something that would work and the thought came to me to try wrapping yarn around a styrofoam ball. I only hoped I'd be able to find the right color of yarn. Luckily, I found what I needed at Porter's and was relieved when it actually turned out looking rather nice. Eliza was excited with the end product and was very helpful making it. Here's to Eliza and Venus!!Goofy Eliza, it took a lot longer to wrap it than anticipated and she got to stay up past bedtime.

Some close ups of our masterpiece!
It's "out of this world!" I know, I'm a nerd!

Dallin is 10!!!

Wow, when I think back over the past 10 years I can't believe how quickly they have gone past. Dallin made his debut 10 days late on a freezing cold evening, Feb. 6 2001. I was thrilled to be a mother. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I could not have asked for a better child to be my oldest. Dallin is a good kid. When I say that I mean he is good, plain and simple. He tries to do what's right only because he wants to. He is kind to his brothers and sisters and most of the time does what he's supposed to. Dallin is a quick learner and carries around a plethora of knowledge in his 10 year old brain. I don't know how he got so smart. I love Dallin's imagination and his ability to figure things out. Although I do feel old having a child in the double digits I wouldn't trade the past 10 years for anything. I sure do love you Dallin!!
New books from Grandma and Grandpa Mauery.

You can never have enough Legos!
This is a cool little toy that hovers.
Dallin read all the Percy Jackson books that he got for Christmas and is excited to watch the movie with Daddy.
This year Dallin wanted a Chess cake. I was more than happy to oblige. It was one of the easiest yet. Simple but cute.
Silly Dallin.
Singing Happy Birthday.
The camera wouldn't take the picture when he blew out the candles so this picture is staged after the fact. Joe wouldn't let me relight all the candles just for a picture.
All the candles out, I hope he made a wish!
Stamp of approval!
Happy Birthday Dallin!!

Discovery and Planetarium

Dallin is part of the Discovery program at school and they've been studying the stars and constellations. On Jan. 20 they invited the families to see some of the things they have learned. They had a portable planetarium set up and we went inside and Dallin told us about the legends of the constellations. It was fun and interesting. Dallin is like an encyclopedia of knowledge!
Inside the "bubble" they had this light thing and it projected the constellations onto the walls.

If you look very closely you can faintly see the outlines of the constellations. I couldn't get my camera to get a good picture.
Joe didn't know I was taking a picture of us. I think it's one of the funniest pictures of both of us. He looks scared and I look scary!
Here's Dallin taking his job as tour guide very seriously. He told us about the constellations and then answered all our questions. Great job Dallin!
Dallin and Andrew outside the "bubble."On our way home we drove around the nice houses on the hill and saw this in front of one of them. Very impressive!

Happy Birthday to...Me!!

I would have been fine if my birthday was completely ignored this year, but after the fact I sure was glad my family threw me a party. Best of all I didn't have to make dinner! My mom gave me this cupcake cook book, it has some really cute ideas in it. Before I got to look through it the kids each went through it and picked their favorites!
Joe got me a heart rate monitor. I've been wanting one for sometime so I was happy with it!

The kids got me M&M's (I think they're hoping that I'll share!)I've also been asking for 5 lb. weights for over a year. I have 3 lb, 8 lb, and 10 lb so I'm excited to have the 5 lb ones now! It'll help counterbalance the M&M's, right?!
Here's the love of my life that made it all happen!
Look at all that fire! Man, I'm getting old!
Joe purposely put the candles close together so it would produce a bigger flame.
Make a wish!!
So far my 31st year has been great! I'm excited for what lies ahead and for the adventures I'll have!

Piano Tek

I guess I complained enough about my piano having problems because Joe got the Piano Tek lined up to tune my piano. He was entertaining for the whole family. The kids all lined up on the couch and watched him do his job. I've had the piano for almost 10 years and this the first time we've done anything to it. Not a good idea. Apparently it was flat by 30% and he had to raise the pitch on the whole piano before he could tune it. Several keys were sticking and some weren't working at all. After two visits he was all done. It's nice to play it now and it sure sounds purdy! Here she is all opened up.
Our afternoon's entertainment...for a price!

Idaho History

Dallin's 4th grade class is studying Idaho History this year and Dallin got to make a pillow as one of his projects. He chose the state fish as his pillowtop. He did a great job was really happy with how it turned out.

Trigger Finger Release Surgery

Yesterday Matthew had surgery to release the trigger finger on his right thumb. Sometime this past year we noticed his thumb would not extend all the way and recently it has started giving him pain. We decided to just go ahead and get it fixed instead of waiting for him to get any older. He was excited about the surgery and didn't seem to show any signs of anxiety. Joe took him to the surgery center around 7 and they were home a little after 10. Matthew has been outstanding throughout the whole experience. I've only heard him complain once, and that was when Penny sat on his thumb. Tomorrow we will take off the soft splint and see if the surgery did the trick! Here he is with his crazy thumb!
One of the nurses at the center made him a balloon out of a glove.Here he his directly after the surgery. He was still a little out of it!Happy little boy!Matthew wanted everyone to sign his "cast."Here's the bear they gave him to help ease the pain and fear. It's been his constant companion since.The doctor said, that during surgery, as soon as he cleaned up the problem area his thumb popped up, I'm hoping that means he's going to be back to normal!

Christmas Day!

Christmas day was a wonderful day! The kids were grateful for their new gifts and they played together nicely all day. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Joe worked Christmas Eve and as soon as he came home Christmas morning the kids were rearing to go. I put up the gate so they couldn't sneak a peek (even though half of them can climb over it).
Molly's excited to see what Santa brought!

All the stockings and Santa's loot. They were all plenty happy with what Santa brought, we could've just called it a day after that!
Penny and her new baby.
Molly got a new slide.
Penny and Molly had lots of fun taking turns going down the slide.
The breakfast spread.
Eliza's been asking Santa for a ride on horse for the past 3 years and she finally got it!!
Andrew's new Bumble Bee from his cousin Nathan.
Molly opening her first present.
What could it be?? A View Master!! Takes me back to the good old days!
Matthew's turn.
While the kids opened their presents Penny would pick up the discarded toys and play with them. She was in toy heaven!
Matthew with a new giant dragon.
Andrew ready to open another present.
Eliza with a stuffed "Clover."
Penny looking uncertain about a present bigger than her.
She was very pleased with the stroller inside though!
Taking a break from her walk to hug the dragon.
Dallin with his new sword and shield.
Andrew with his beloved panda pillow pet.
I found this little piano for Penny and boy did it take me back. My grandma had the original version in her toybox back in the day. What a special present!
Joe getting in on the action.
Andrew got a ukelele.
Eliza with a fun game, Winomino. We've had some really fun time playing together.
Joe with his new boxed set of the Messiah series.
The Haeberle grandparents gave the kids a air hockey table and it was fun for all.
It was so nice to see the kids play together and care about each other's feelings. I was pretty grinchy up until Christmas morning and have to admit I enjoyed myself immensely. Years from now I won't remember what I gave or received but I will remember the time we spent together as a family and the spirit in our home. Merry Christmas!!

Christmas with Michael!

My sister Nancy and I took my brother out for Christmas lunch again this year. It was so fun! Michael is such a hoot. We went to IHOP, where I asked Michael on the ride over what he was going to eat and he said, "Pancakes!" Then when we got there, without even really looking at the menu, he orded a big ol' hamburger with bacon. We had an enjoyable lunch with Michael making us laugh. Then he opened some of his presents in the car. He was very thankful and excited. What a fun day!!

Christmas Pictures!

I managed to get a few good pictures of the kids after church. They weren't cooperating all that great. Joe wasn't home and it was tricky getting them all looking at the camera, let alone smiling! Merry Christmas!!

Making Reindeer

I remember making candy cane reindeer as a kid and thought it would be fun for the kids. They enjoyed it, but liked eating them even more!

All done!!

Eliza's Christmas Program

The third graders at Kennedy Elementary always put on quite a show for their Christmas program. This year it was Eliza's turn to be part of it. She did a great job learning all the songs and did a great job. I volunteered to play the piano for the program and had the pleasure and going to the school 3 times a week for a month to practice with the kids. I really enjoyed getting to know the kids and to feel their excitement. They were all so sweet to me and everytime I went they never failed to thank me personally. This is definitely a treasured experience. Here are some pictures of Eliza's performing.They had actions for almost every song. It was fun! Here I am playing the ol' piano. I just had so much fun (even though it doesn't look like it!).After the program they had Eliza present me with a pointsettia and a thank you note.Eliza, in the hall after the program!

Piano Recital!

Here's a picture of Eliza and Dallin before their Christmas piano recital. They both did a great job. I'm so proud of the hard work they put into their practicing and for sticking with it even when other things sound more exciting!

Leonardo DiVinci at the Museum of Idaho

On the last day of the exhibit Joe took the kids to the Museum of Idaho to see Leonardo DiVinci. I opted to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet. They weren't gone quite long enough!! I don't really know what any of these pictures are but there are some pretty cool looking inventions. Dallin loved it!

Deck the Halls!

I love getting out all the Christmas decorations and transforming the house. I've pulled out all the Christmas music and we've drank our share of hot cocoa. I love this time of year. Here's some of our Christmas decor. The kids pretty much decorated the tree by themselves, I only had to thin out a few spots.These are on top the piano.

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

Seven years ago today we brought our little butterball turkey home from the hospital. He weighed in at 9 pounds even and had the chubbiest cheeks ever. Now those chubby cheeks have long vanished but the sweet boy still remains. Andrew has been such a blessing in our home. He says some of the funniest things and has the biggest heart. We celebrated Andrew's birthday on Monday so Daddy could be there. He started off his big day by getting his 2 front teeth pulled to make room for the new ones coming in. That didn't slow him down a bit, he was even excited to get them pulled. Andrew's all time favorite animal is the Panda Bear and so he asked for a Panda cake. It actually turned out being one of the easiet cakes I've made. I used fondant for the first time and loved it. And Andrew absolutely loved his cake so that made my day!Here's Andrew with all his pandas and his cake.

Matthew drew Andrew a panda for his present.
Daddy gave Andrew some airplanes.
Andrew has been asking for Insectasaurus since the movie Monsters vs. Aliens first came out and we finally got him one. When he pulled it out of the box he instantly gave it a big hug.
Can you tell he likes it??
Penny took good care of it while Andrew opened his other presents.
Opening his present from Grandma and Grandpa Mauery.
A Panda!!
I can't believe there are already 7 candles on his cake!!
I missed taking a picture of him blowing out the candles so this picture is totally posed!
Here I am with my creation!

Latest Craft Project

About a week ago I went to my friend Tiffany's, and with her help I made a Chrstmas Planner. I had a lot of fun and I think the planner turned out pretty cute. Now I can keep my Christmas brain organized in one place. When Eliza saw what I had made she really wanted to make one too but we decided a journal would be more useful for her. After we finished hers all the other kids saw it and asked if I would make them one also. So, 4 notebooks later I made everyone (except Penny, I didn't think she'd appreciate my handiwork) their own journal. I think they turned out nice and the kids were very excited. I should have saved them for Christmas but I didn't think about that until they already had them. Here's mine and Eliza's.
Dallin and Andrew's, they all got to pick out the paper they wanted. Dallin likes dark green and Andrew is a huge fan of orange.

Matthew and Molly's. Matthew has already filled out several pages with pictures he's drawn. I think he's used his the most out of everyone.
These journals have kind of got me into the crafty mood. I think tomorrow I'll sew some blankets or something. :)

Matthew's 5th Birthday!

Our little Matthew turned 5 on November 10. I can't believe it's already been 5 years since I was holding him in my arms for the first time. Prior to his birth I unknowingly took a trip to Salt Lake City in labor. I had never "gone into labor" by myself before and I didn't know that what I was feeling were actual contractions. I thought I was having bad gas (hey, that happens when you're pregnant, let's be real!) until, the "gas" became regular. The trip back from SLC was the longest 4 hours of my life. We got home, went to the Dr.'s office, went to the hospital and delivered a beautiful baby within just a few hours. He was the only baby I delivered completely natural, I kept waiting for the pain to become more intense and the contractions to take my breath away. I was used to labor with Pitocin and without it the pain never got unbearable. Thank goodness. Now, five years later we feel so blessed to have Matthew in our home. He has such a special spirit. He tells me more than once everyday that he loves me. Matthew enjoys drawing and coloring and is a great brother to his siblings. Matthew LOVES Legos, he plays with them all day and can build some really neat things with them. His favorite Legos are the guys and that's what he wanted his cake to be. So, I dusted off my mad skills and got to work. In the end I wasn't completely happy with the cake but I did learn a lot. Matthew loved it and that's all that really matters.Ready to open presents.

Any guesses as to what was in those presents?Legos, Legos, and more Legos!
He was not disappointed!Happy Birthday to Matthew, Happy Birthday to you!!
Blowing out the candles.
Here's another view of the cake. Matthew picked Applebee's again for his birthday dinner. Surprisingly enough the kids were all good and we didn't have any mishaps, I guess they're all growing up.
We sure do love you Matthew and we're so proud of all the things you do and the love you show to your brothers and sister. Happy Birthday honey and have a fantastic year being 5!!