10 year class reunion. Go Loggers!!

This past weekend (July 19) was my 10 year reunion in Potlatch, ID. We had a potluck at the park and just had a nice time getting reaquainted and visiting. It's pretty weird seeing old friends and hearing about their lives. I'm glad I went but I'm also glad they're only every 10 years! ;) Here are a few pictures of my classmates.

Out of the 50 or so graduates there was only about 20 of us at the reunion.

Rachelle and Me

Molly's 1st Birthday!

Our baby girl turned one on the 18th. She got to spend her birthday in the car. We drove 10 hours to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Pullman, WA. We celebrated her birthday the next day and she had a good time. She got some babies and a cuddly bunny and was quite pleased with her loot. The cake was fun when Grandma suggested she be allowed to grab handfulls out of it. Guess who got to clean her up!! I can't believe Molly is already 1. Time flies too quickly. It's still fresh on my mind the minute I was introduced to our little screaming baby. I instantly fell in love. Now that she's a year I can't believe how much more I love her and that she's such a sweet, fun little girl. Some of Molly's grand accomplishments are:
4 teeth
12+ steps in a row
5-6 words (mama, dada, yeah, uh-oh...)
claps her hands

Just call me Coach!

Just FYI, for anyone who's interested I'm going to be the 7th grade volleyball coach for South Freemont girls this season. My neighbor Stephanie is the 8th grade coach and we'll be working together. I'm really excited and it should be lots of fun. I'll start in August and it'll run through October. Go Team!!

The Best Two Hours!

Last night while my husband was putting the kids to bed I was thoroughly enjoying myself watching Jon Schmidt Live. Joseph got me tickets and I went by myself to the best show I've ever been too. I cannot describe how amazing it was and how awesome I felt in the presence of such an incredible musician. There were times when he was playing so fast his fingers were just a blur. I don't think he knows how to play without moving his head and wiggling his feet, all the while playing all the right notes. Not only is he super at the piano but his personality is so great. I knew while I was watching that Heavenly Father truly, truly has blessed him with his fantastic talent. I would encourage and almost demand all of you to go to one of his concerts--you won't be sorry. I didn't want it to end and will most definitely be going next time he's in the area. Thank you Joe for letting me go and listening to me rant and rave about how good it was. I was able to get a few fuzzy pictures and some video.

The Volleyball Tournament!!

Today I was in a 2-on-2 volleyball tournament with my neighbor Conna. Whew, it was a lot of fun but also very, very tiring. I thought I was in pretty good shape but man, tomorrow I'm not going to be able to move. We started playing a little after 8 this morning and ended around 1 this afternoon. Altogether we played 6 games to 25 and 1 to 30. I'll be the first to admit that we could've done better but come on, we were playing doubles. I have never played doubles before in my life and I feel like an old lady with 5 kids.

Happy Independence Day!!

Well, we made it through! We started off the day at the parade-yikes!! It was so hot!

A book for Daddy.

A while ago Dallin and Eliza made a book for their daddy. It's one of those things that when you see it your heart turns to butter. I love it and am mainly posting it so I can look at it whenever I want.

I wanted something different!



Enough said!!

Library Tuesday

Today was a crazy day. Joe was home from work and therefore life was turned a little topsy-turvy. After breakfast he started mowing the lawn while I did a little cardio to get my blood pumping. Then I took over the lawn mowing and he attempted weeding the garden. I think he maybe pulled 20 weeds, if that. FYI: I was very much against a garden this year because everyone thinks its a good idea at first and then "someone" (me) gets to do all the work. So, I'm not helping with the garden-really mature huh?!?

It's a's a's a...bat?

After visiting Joseph at the firestation we were walking back to the car and the kids noticed the pretty flower garden they have. We stopped to look at the flowers and Joe says, "Hey, look at that slug!" I was thinking, Man, that's a huge slug. On further inspection we realized it was a bat. In my entire 28 years I have never had the privilege of seeing a real live bat. The kids were excited and we had a discussion all about bats. Luckily it stayed asleep and we were able to get some pictures of the cute little disgusting creature!
This is looking up at it's face.

It wasn't very big and was just hiding between the ridges on the wall.


So, I had a hot, cranky day at church by myself with five kids. I decided ahead of time that I was going to at least get through lunch before I had a breakdown. After I had gotten the little ones down for naps I myself took a nap. When I was awakened by little baby voices calling for their mommy I was completely caught off guard by actually being happy to hear it instead of covering my head with a pillow and wishing I were back in dreamland. After getting them out of bed I ended up laying on the floor watching Molly crawl around it hit me just how precious and special each one of my kids really are - I guess I am so used to taking them for granted or wishing they would grow up faster, thinking toworrow will be easier. Here are some of the little things that make being a mom worth it: Molly snuggling up next to me on the floor and laying her little face right onto mine. Matthew walking towards the stairs with his arms swinging at his sides all the while reassuring me saying, "I'll come back up, mama, I'll come backup." I think he was making sure I wouldn't miss him too much.

I think I'm addicted!

What have I done?

The Barber Shop

The other day Eliza got out all her grooming tools and opened up a barber shop. She "cut" Dallins hair and then he cut hers. They used there blankets for the cape and actually had pretty good technique. I just couldn't help but snap some pictures.


I know this is a little bit late being posted but I just figured out how to do all this posting. We had the opportunity of going to Yellowstone June 3-4. We had a great time and were able to see so much beauty and lots of animals. The kids were excited for the first 10-15 buffalo but by day 2 they were more interested in their movies. I just couldn't believe the vast variety that exists in one place (and I've been there 3 times prior)! We met up with family for a mini reunion and had a good time visiting with the Burlisons, Wallaces, Clancys and Finns. We stayed the night at Chico Hot Springs Resort and the kids had so much fun in the hot pool, by the time they got out their cheeks were rosy.

Here's old Faithful going full force. No matter how many times I see this it's still amazing.

My second attempt at coolness

So, I learned from my library excursion and called in reinforcements! Joe had yesterday off from work and he helped with the cool factor. In the morning we made the trek to the nature park north of town and were able to feed the ducks. I guess they were pretty ferocious because we almost had to force Andrew to stay with us.

So, I was trying to be the COOL mom!

This summer has been kind of a boring one for my kids so I decided I'd put my best foot forward and at least make an effort to be a little cooler as a mom. So, two days ago I needed to make a return to a store (with 5 kids mind you!) and on the way home we passed the library. From the back seat I hear "I wanna go to the library" and "Mom won't let us." Ouch!