I love Joe!

I just wanted to make a little tribute to my Joseph. My heart is full and I love him so much that I just need to put it all out there. Joe is my everything and I don't let him know that nearly enough, so here's my ode to Joe.

Joe, you make my heart sing, whenever I am near you. You lift me up and carry me through the pain and the joy. You do silly things to make my laugh, you do annoying things that make me crazy...and then laugh. You work so hard to spoil me. You love our kids and really show it. I'm so very blessed to have the best daddy for my kids. I love your touch and your smile. I love how excited you get when an airplane or helicopter flies over. I love your supersuit. You're so cute when you know you've done something you shouldn't and you've gotten caught. I love how you humor me when I ask your opinion and you tell me exactly what I want to hear. I love the way you love me. I love hearing you sing to our kids. I love snuggling with you on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn between us. I love playing games with you. I love that you let me win sometimes. I love hearing you say you love me. You make me feel all kinds of special. I feel pretty around you. I love hearing the kids squeal, "Daddy" when you walk in the door. I love holding your hand in the car. I love you more than anything. I can't wait to grow old with you and kiss your wrinkly face. You are my biggest fan! I LOVE YOU JOSEPH!!!

What I Wore, Wednesday

So, I've been following a blog called the Pleated Poppy and every Wednesday she posts what she wore the last week. It helps her to actually get dressed instead of hanging in yoga pants and a tee. So, I thought I'd try it for 1 week and see how I liked it. When it actually came to it I realized just how BORING my wardrobe is. Anyway, we'll see if I ever do it again. It was kind of fun but I don't know if I could keep it up. If you like it give me a shout out!! Here we go!

Last Wednesday: Purple shirt from Maurices. Joe's Jeans from DownEast. Teva's from Ebay. Necklace from JewelKade. Earrings from Lia Sophia.

I circle square Tokyo shirt from American Eagle. My favorite jeans from Maurices. Roxy Flipflops (can't remember where I got them). Necklace from JewelKade.

Friday: Floral Top from DownEast. Jeans from Down East. Converse shoes .

Saturday: Sweater from Old Navy. Layering tee from DownEast. Jeans from DownEast. Tevas. Necklace from JewelKade.

Sunday: I stayed in my pj's all day with sick kids.


Cardigan from Gap. Layering tee from DownEast. Jeans from DownEast. Ballet flats from Kohl's. Necklace from JewelKade .

Tuesday: Cardigan from Old Navy. Jeans from DownEast. Tevas.

Wednesday: Paris tee from American Eagle. Jeans from Maurices. Converse shoes.

So, there you have it. I reused my 2 favorite pairs of jeans all week. Sunday is usually my day to get all gussied up and I didn't even get to this week. We'll see what happens this coming week!

First Day of School

This year sending my kids off to school was bittersweet. I want them to go to school and learn and grow and make friends but I also want them home with me. We had a very enjoyable summer and I will miss them while they are at school. I will miss the chatter of their play, watching them ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk, watching countless lightsaber battles, and having lunch together everyday with my little munchkins. I know they'll be home after school but the whole dynamic of our home will change. It's hard to let go and let your kids use their wings. Fly high my little ones and always remember where home is! I love you!Dallin trying to, I think!

Sassy Eliza.Handsome Andrew.What a goodlooking group of kids! They humored me with a zillion pictures!I hope they will always be best friends!

Happy Birthday Joseph!!

On August 22 Joseph turned 34 years old! Wowsers! He's getting old. He got to work on his birthday so we partied on the 24th instead. I think he had a pretty good day. He spent most of it on the front porch working on his RC airplane. Here's the cutest birthday boy ever!I didn't have very much wrapping paper so he got about 4 things stuffed in that little bag!Hands down Joe is the hardest person to pick presents for. I walked aimlessly around the store waiting for something to reach out to me from the shelves. He ended up getting some really random gifts, like a camping pad! Woo hoo!Penny and I got to try out the camp pad. Pretty comfy (I got one for myself too!)

Earlier in the day I had lots of helpers in the kitchen making daddy's cake.
Eliza designed the cake a few days before his birthday and then she helped me every step of the way to get it as perfect as possible. I think it turned out looking pretty good! Here's the design.
Here's the cake!
Look at all those candles!Look at all that smoke! Here's Joe's special piece of cake!Happy Birthday Joe! We love you!

Backyard Royalty

We've never had trees around our house because we could never agree on where to put them. Joe wants a wide open yard and I want shade. We finally put our differences aside and bought two trees for the back yard. They are a crimson king and emerald queen. We have named them King Rupert and Queen Elizabeth and we're hoping they will be both royal and loyal to us. They are beautiful maples and I love looking out back and seeing them. Here are the trees strapped to the Suburban after their trip home.This is a before picture of our backyard. Boring!Joe hard at work, digging the hole.Penny standing on the sod donut!I had to get a picture of the "Sold" sign!Dallin and Penny helping!All planted. Looks good!Another angle. I just love it! Now that we have trees I wish we hadn't waited so long to get them!

Haeberle Reunion: DAY 3

Day 3 of the reunion was full of cleaning up and goodbyes. The whole reunion was near perfection and I just didn't want it to end. Seeing everyone, staying up late watching slide shows, talking and laughing was the best way to spend the weekend. I'm still going through withdrawals, it couldn't have been better! While the adults were busy cleaning the lodge the kids were getting in their last few runs down the slide. I even managed to go down one last time. Here's Dallin.Some of the little kids kept busy playing on the balcony.Before we left Swan Valley we stopped to get some of their famous square ice cream cones. It was bittersweet, our last hurrah before settling back into the real world. I will carry the memories of this family reunion for many many years to come. I'm so glad I married Joe so I could enjoy his awesome family. I love them like my own. Haeberle's Rule!!

Going down the slide

I made a documentary of me going down the giant slide. It's pretty awesome. Keep in mind that, yes, I am a dork!! Enjoy!

Haeberle Reunion: DAY 2

Sunday was jam packed with fun. We started the day right with a yummy breakfast courtesy of the Len Humphries family. After church our family was in charge of lunch and with many helping hands we were able to serve a delicious taco salad and cornbread. Thanks goes to everyone who helped pull it off!! After lunch there were many activities; beads, face painting, frisbie golf, the slide, hiking, and just hanging out having a good time. Here I am with Lisa, love her!Here is a picture of me at the top of the slide ready to make my descent.Here are the shadows of all the adults watching the kids run after candy shot from a canon like gun of James'. It was pretty awesome!Here are the kids having so much fun getting candy.Penny eating a piece of said candy!Me and my Joe.Bonnie painted all the kids' faces and she did a phenomenal job. The kids looked amazing and loved every minute of it.The beautiful stream that ran alongside the property.Penny found a ball and kept herself entertained.Joseph and his siblings, Hyrum, Autumn, and Miles.Joe found this stack of mattresses and came and got me and made me get a picture on top of them. Both my parents and Joe call me the Pea Princess and I guess he couldn't pass up on the opportunity.Joe and his brother Hyrum just chillin'.Joe and his little Penny.The family put on a program for Gran and Grandad and here they are singing a couple songs for them.Eliza with her cousin Annie, they were inseperable.Here I am with my favorite Gran!I love this man! Grandad is one of my favorite people.

Haeberle Reunion: DAY 1

August 14, 2010 marked the beginning of the Haeberle Family Reunion. Family filtered in from miles around to celebrate Gran and Grandad's 60th Wedding Anniversary at West Piney Girl's Camp near Swan Valley. It was a blast seeing grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Even days later I'm still reminiscing and missing family. Here is a picture of the guests of honor with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.Here's the whole family minus a few people who couldn't make it. I love everyone one so much in this picture! You all ROCK!Dallin found a snail.The lodge had an awesome slide down the hillside. I'll admit I was a bit nervous (downright scared!) the first time I went down. After that first time there was no stopping me! This picture shows the lodge, slide and giant swingsets. So much fun!Penny loved the wide open space, she just walked all over enjoying herself.Here's Charley, Kallie, Miles, Emma, Eliza, Dallin, Molly, Andrew, and Matthew just kickin' it on the bridge.Matthew enjoying the swings.Molly loved the swings.Eliza swinging. Those swings made our swingset feel real puny!

Amazing Face Paint!

My husband's brother's wife Bonnie treated the kids with some awesome face paint. I never imagined it would be so great. Knowing Bonnie I should've known but I didn't. Friday before the big reunion she painted our kids faces and then she did it all again at the reunion but for about 25 kids. Thank you so much Bonnie, you were a huge hit!! Here's Andrew as a dog.Eliza looking very pretty.Check out Andrew's eyes!Matthew winking as a brave warrior!Serious Matthew.Bat Dallin.Molly being an adorable puppy.Group shot.Andrew wearing uncle Hyrum's hat.Here's the reunion shots. Eliza as a pink tiger.Molly with what she called her crown.Andrew being his favorite animal: the panda!Matthew as Wolverine.Dallin as a Heroscape scull.I'm just going to say it one more time, Bonnie is amazing! Thank you so much!

Grasshoppers galore!

Remember catching grasshoppers and caterpillers as a kid? Remember filling up the jar with grass and leaves and sticks so they had a really great home? Remember your mom telling you they would be happier released back into the wild? Well, Eliza and Dallin caught 6 or 7 grasshoppers and made them a little home away from home. They kept them in the jar for several days wanting to show their aunts and uncles when they came to visit. Luckily we all survived and I no longer have a jar of insects on my kitchen counter! Here are the stars themselves!These next pictures are Dallin and Eliza being silly. They took all the pictures themselves and asked me to put them on the blog.

Spike for a Cure

Yesterday was the 3-on-3 volleyball tournament raising money to help find a cure for Rett Syndrome. It was definitely for a great cause and our team was proud to be a part of it. So, me and my 2 neighbors, Dacia and Travar, put together a team; the "Old Timers" and played our hearts out. I also played my arms, shoulders, legs, hips, thighs, and behind off! My oh my am I sore today! I said I'd never do it again but I'm sure I will, it just keeps drawing me back. Here are some pictures of our day. We ended up playing 15 games and were out in the sun for 8 hours!Thanks Dacia and Travar for such a fun day! Next year...

New Coat of Paint

We did some rearranging of children and their beds and ended up with 3 boys in a room, Eliza and Molly sharing, and Penny by herself. Eliza had been sharing with Matthew so when she realized she was going to have an all girls room she decided she wanted pink walls. Molly did not complain about that. So, we got the paint, taped off the ceiling and molding and started painting. All the kids got a turn with the roller and then Joe and I finished the job. It turned out pretty good, we still want to add some finishing touches, like crown molding. Here are the pictures of our little helpers. Eliza went first.Dallin did a pretty big spot.Andrew didn't really want to do it but since everyone else was he did too. His turn wasn't very long!Matthew needed my help.Molly really wanted to do it herself but the roller was just too heavy.Penny even got in on the action.I'm not sure why I don't have any pictures of Joe but he did all the painting around the corners and edges while I filled it in with the roller. We make a great team!!

Playing outside

As summer is coming to an end I am trying to get all caught up in blogging. Here are some pictures of the kids just being kids. Dallin, Eliza, Andrew and Matthew made up a game using brooms, I'm not privy to all the details but they sure enjoy playing it.Andrew substituted a bat for a broom."Fighting" in the grass.Me and my Penny Pie.Molly riding her bike to "school."Pretty Eliza.For some reason Molly had been riding her bike to the neighbor's house and then running up to the door, ringing the doorbell, and then running back to her bike. We're not sure why she was doing it but she would do it over and over again. I think we've got her to stop, hopefully she won't be disturbing our neighbors!

Steel Creek Camping

We finally made it to the Humphries Annual Family Campout. It was our first time camping in at least 5 years. The kids were so excited to go camping that the hour drive to the campgrounds seemed like eternity. Are we there yet?? We ended up having a really good time and are looking forward to next year. Thanks Uncle Len for orchestrating such a fun adventure! Here's Emma and Molly walking through the great outdoors!The warrior boys.Hunting for the girls!This picture is me smiling before retiring for the night. Little did I know how long the night would be. Penny is not a very good camper, she finally went to sleep when the birds started chirping. Good times!Here I am smiling while taking down the tent, knowing I won't have to sleep in it again for awhile!These were our fabulous cooks, the food was yummy and best of all, I didn't have to cook it!Mommy and Molly.Here we are discussing our plans for the upcoming family reunion.Eating!!Molly and Matthew with Dallin hanging on the pump in the background!Lisa, Jake, Len, Jack, Eliza, and Emma.The kids crossing the bridge at the creek.Matthew at the creek.The boys walking back to the campground.Relaxing!Penny sleeping on the way home. I was able to take a nap later too!I loved camping as a kid when the hard ground wasn't so hard and the planning and packing was left to my mom, now the work is left up to me and it's a big ordeal, but, I enjoyed it. I wouldn't call myself a camper but I am looking forward to doing this all again next year!!


For years now Eliza has been begging and pleading for a bunny and I have been very vague about when and if we would get one. Well, this past weekend we impulsively got her a bunny. I'm still not sure what we were thinking but that's another story! Here's cute little Clover.Eliza and her pet. So far she has been very responsible, feeding her, cleaning her cage, and playing with her. We're still in the honeymoon stage so we'll see if it lasts!Clover cleaning her face, it's so cute when she does it.Penny trying to feed Clover some clover. She loves the bunny.At first I wasn't so sure about the pink eyes but she's grown on me.Attack of the killer bunny!Growing up it seems like I always had bunnies and I loved it. Looking back not only was it fun to have them as pets but it taught me resonsibility and how to care for something other than myself. I hope Eliza will always enjoy her new Clover!

Molly Sue is 3!!

Yesterday we celebrated Molly's 3rd birthday. I can't believe she's already that old!! I know I always say that, but the time has just flown by. I don't know what we would do without our Molly Sue. She is a hoot, she is loveable and cuddly, she stands her ground, she sings to her babies, she goes potty in the toilet, and she is just the prettiest 3 year old I know. We love her so much!! Molly really enjoyed the whole day. On Sunday her friend Marie brought over a present of the cutest out fit in the world! She wore it for her special day. Cheeser!She was humoring me here, I just had to get a picture of her in her cute clothes.In the afternoon we went and rode on the carousel, she didn't want to leave her horsey behind.Pretty girl with her pretty presents.Matthew picked out a little pink flamingo for Molly and as you can see she was very excited when she opened it!Molly loves baby dolls, I don't think it's possible to have too many babies!What a sweet heart, she even shared with her sister.Molly loves riding her little tricycle and has been eyeing the bikes at the store for awhile, so we finally broke down and got her one of her own.She was very excited about her "princess" cake this year and help me make it every step of the way. I think it has a simple elegance to it.Big girl blowing out her candles.Molly could hardly wait to try out her bike outside.There she goes!!Everyone got bubbles as their party favors and they had a great time making huge bubbles. For once the wind was actually helpful!We look forward to seeing what the next year brings for Molly.

The Mauery's in all their glory!!

Here's the whole family!! This was taken on the last day of the reunion right before we all said our goodbyes and loaded up in our cars. I love my family so much!!This is more like it!Love it!!

Creepy Skies

When I looked outside this evening I could tell something wasn't quite right, it looked a little reddish on the driveway and it was darker than it should have been at that time. I went outside and this is what I saw. This is facing North.This one is to the South.This one is facing towards the West.A little while later we went outside again and this is how it looked after it had blown over a bit.I'm guessing it's caused by a fire somewhere but it looks a little too creepy for my liking. Dallin said it was a sign, whatever that means coming from a 9 year old!!

Mauery Reunion 2010 - Park City

July 7-10 was the annual Mauery Reunion in Park City Utah. We got a big house up the canyon and had lots of fun with the people we love. On Thursday we went to Temple Square. Here's Penny still fresh and happy in her stroller. That didn't last long!My brother Vernon with his bandana and beard, he scared small children. ;)Dallin, Benjamin, and Ryan.Here are the cousins at the reflection pool. Luckily no one fell in...this time!Where's Waldo? Can you find Elder and Sister Mauery in the window looking down at all of us. They are on their mission and work in the Joseph Smith Building. We're glad they got to spend the afternoon and evenings with us.Some of the kids at a fountain. Their favorite thing about Temple Square was all the water, I don't know how many times I heard a parent say, "Come away from the water."Here's my favorite picture of the Salt Lake Temple.Enjoying the shade and the flowers.Emily and Eliza taking a break.When we went in the Visitor's Center Penny didn't want to be in her stroller but she didn't want to stay with our group either. We spent some time playing on the stairs and just walking around.My two little girls hugging on the stairs.We went up to see the Christus and the kids were reverent and some even commented on feeling the Spirit. Here are 15 of the 20 grandkids in front of Jesus.On Friday we went to the Planetarium at the Gateway and the kids really had a good time. My kids favorite part was walking on Mars and the Moon. Here's Grandma showing the kids how to walk on the moon. Priceless!Penny spent most of her time on the moon. She was having the time of her life climbing on the rocks.Here's Penny and Molly sitting on the moon with Earh in the background.Eliza, Molly, and Andrew on Mars.Here's Charlie on the moon.Back at the house that night the kids put on a play they had been working on for 2 days. It was about Princes and Princesses, Kings and Queens, Knights and Horses. It was cute and all the kids had a fun time putting it on. Here are a couple pictures from their production.The last day there I got some shots of the cousins and some of the adults. It's always sad to say goodbye at the end of a reunion. We all had such a good time and even though we were all tired I wouldn't trade those few days for anything! Here's Annie and Penny, they wouldn't stay still long enough to take a good picture.The girls: Nicole, Eliza, Emily, and Ariana.Andrew and Nathan.Dallin, Benjamin, and Ryan.Molly and Jaren, they were bestfriends. It was so cute to see them together.Me and my Mommy.Nancy, Sarah, and Mary.Chanin and Lauren.Timothy and Vernon, so sweet!Here's the Olympic Ski Jump Slopes that are in Park City. Pretty neat!We had a long drive home through hours of road construction but thankfully the kids were good and we made it back home safe and sound. It's nice to be home but we sure do miss our cousins, brothers and sisters, mom and dad, aunts and uncles, and nieces and nephews. We are so thankful for our family and we sure love them. *sniff*