Fighting! (If you get squeamish close your eyes!!)

This is what I have been fighting against all week. (This is my throat!!)Not fun! Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who has not only taken off work to take care of me and the kids but he's kept the house running smoothly. He's got the kids ready for school, made sure homework got done, did the dishes, cleaned the toy room, kept the house vacuumed, made all the meals, and made sure I slept and brought me my drugs. I think today things are starting to look up. The swelling in my tonsil is going down and the pain has lessened by a small degree. After 2 doctor visits, 2 different antibiotics, a priesthood blessing, and lots and lots of pain I hope to never have this happen again. I could never have made it through this week without my Joe.

Happy Birthday Dallin!!

So, I'm a week late posting this but I guess that's better than never. Our little (not so little anymore) Dallin turnined 9 on February 6. We celebrated his birthday the day before so daddy could be there. Dallin wanted to go to the movie theater and watch a movie there but after doing the math and realizing it was going to be close to $100 after the tickets and popcorn and goodies we decided to just rent a movie and have all the treats and fun at our house instead. Lucky for me Dallin was excited about the idea. He invited his good friend Ethan over and they watched Labou and then opened presents and had cake. Here Dallin is happy about his gift but what about Matthew in the background! I'm not sure what going on!
Grandma and Grandpa M.

Kids doing P90X!

Last night the kids were doing a little P90X. They make it look easy!!

Toy Soldiers!

I have never actually seen a child play with toy soldiers until Dallin got a set 3 or 4 years ago. He'd line them up and have them battle it out. That set was recently replaced with a new set. His old set really looked like it had gone through a war. The men were missing heads, legs, arms, they were chewed on and mangled. Dallin still plays with his soldiers quite often.

Penny's latest tricks!

For almost a month now Penny has been able to stand up by herself in the middle of the room. Here she is showing off. She'll stand with toys, and if the music is on she'll dance standing. Still no steps, but she sure can stand!!Here's her latest trick.

Who let the Wolf out? Who, who, who, who?!

At pack night this past Thursday Dallin received his Wolf Badge and can now start working on his Bear requirements. He worked hard this past year and had fun fulfilling all the different requirements. Great job Dallin!!

All things girlie!!

So, for the past year and a half I've been fighting the girls hair bows and flowers. I didn't have a good place to store them and they were constantly getting rummaged through and messed up. Well, about a week ago I saw this cute ribbon board to hold all those cute hair things. Tonight I made my very own. I'm pleased with how it turned out!

I haven't crafted for a long time and it felt good to work with ribbon again! Here's a close-up:

The things my kids have to put up with!

Poor little Penny has to put up with her crazy mommy!
I couldn't stop laughing. She didn't think it was that funny!
Don't worry, she's already forgiven me!

Another diorama!

What is it with dioramas? I never once had to make one in my whole school career and now I've already helped Dallin make 2 and he's only in the 3rd grade! His diorama this time is a scene from his favorite book. The book is from the Warrior series about different cat clans. In this scene the two clans are each fighting for the river to be in their territory.Dallin designed it out on paper first and then we got started. I think it turned out looking pretty cool.

One year older and wiser too...

Today was the big day! The day I stepped in to the 3rd decade of my life, the day I have been dreading for a few weeks now, the day I have to grow up and be the responsible woman I'm expected to be ;), the day I enjoyed more than I ever thought possible!!My super awesome day started this morning (duh!) when the kids let me sleep in and were very thoughtful to me and eachother during breakfast. After getting ready for the day in what I thought was a killer outfit (humor me!) I spent some time with my sister Nancy and then got ready to go out to lunch with my good friend Terressa. Little did I know that some deceit had been going on behind my back for Joe had planned for me to have a surprise birthday party with my girl friends. He called my good friend Sarah and she planned the party. My lunch with Terressa was just a ruse to get me to the restaraunt.

The things kids think are fun...

Last night Eliza decided she was going to sleep in this box.

Jack Sparrow meets C-3PO

This is what was waiting for me at the computer today. Someone did a little minor surgery!

Silly Girl

Molly refuses to wear a jacket or coat when we go out. Where we live that is not acceptable. She thinks she can just take her blanket with her wherever she goes. Anyway, so we can't get her to wear her own jacket, but she wore Penny's jacket all day the other day. Go figure!What a silly girl!!

Day 1 of Healthy Eating

So, Joe has been diagnosed with high cholesterol and since I want to keep him around for a long time still, I decided its long past time to start cooking healthier foods. Let me just remind you that I DO NOT enjoy cooking. I'm turning over a new leaf and am going to learn to like cooking. Tonight was day one of our new lifestyle! I made baked salmon, mashed red potatoes and mixed veggies. The salmon was huge and we actually split that piece. In my head I wanted to plate to look beautiful and it looks only so-so. Oh, well, it tasted good!

For having never made salmon before in my life I think it turned out really well. I loved the potatoes and of course vegetables are always yummy! The kids all at least tried it, Eliza and Matthew had seconds but no one loved it.

Making Bread

So, anyone who knows me well knows how much I dislike cooking and baking. Along time ago Joe bought me a Kitchen Aid mixer. I still haven't used it. Joe, on the other hand, has made bread several times with it. Here he is with his helpers mixing up a batch of dough.

Pretty Girls!

This morning I got my two dolls dressed for church and then fixed Molly's hair super cute (at least I think it is!) Here's Molly!Back view:Side view: Can't get much cuter than this!

All Penny!

Penny has learned how to clap and it is so adorable. She spreads her arms wide like this:And then brings them together, like this:Penny sitting in a bucket of blocks!


Matthew got out the game EleFun yesterday and was nice and invited his brothers and sisters to come play with him. Well, I think they need to rename the game to EleCranky! From the moment we turned the game on everyone was yelling at each other for taking their butterflies or for putting their net higher than someone else's. It was bossing, whining, and crying. Definitely NOT fun! We finally had to make then take turns individually so no one would get upset at anyone else. Round 1: Matthew!Dallin's turn! That boy's got some sick skills!!Molly had better luck picking them up off the floor and putting them in her net than actually catching them.


This is what happens when you have kids! You lose your head! You lose your mind! You go crazy! I just don't understand why Joe got to lose his first!

Snow much fun!!

After school this afternoon the kids wanted to play in the snow, I thought it would keep the house quiet so Penny would get a good nap, WRONG!! The kids had fun anyway! Andrew going "sledding" down our snow pile.Matthew had to take his kung fu hampster out with him. He made sure he was warm inside his coat.I wish our big mound of snow wasn't so close to the street. The kids had fun, but being the paranoid parent that I am, I was afraid someone was going to get hurt.