Let the games begin!

Tonight was our first annual Haeberle Halloween Carnival. We weren't able to go to the one at the kids' school so instead of listening to whining and complaining I offered to do one at home. The kids have been anticipating it for over a week so I knew I had to do a good job or they would be disappointed. Here's a picture of Penny, she didn't participate but she sure looked cute. She even managed to scavenge a loose M&M off the floor!

Unexpected visitor

Tonight we were all hanging out in the living room waiting for our home teachers to come over, Dallin was playing the piano. All of the sudden he yells, "Mouse, I just saw a mouse!" Sure enough a little mouse was hiding under the couch. So, the home teachers taught us, but before they were allowed to leave they had to help us capture the nasty rodent. Thank goodness they came along because I HATE mice and I would've been no help to Joe. They turned the couch down and Joe caught they little bugger in a toy tub. The mouse didn't care for captivity too much and just kept jumping up and down.

Rockband Party!!

Last night I had some girlz over and we had ourselves a Rockband/Halloween Bash. We dressed up, rocked out, ate food, and gabbed like only women can do! I had a lot of fun and hopefully everyone else did too. Here is my rocker get-up!All the good eats!
I made these scarrry skull cupcakes.

Too much drama...or should I say trauma?

This morning around 6:30 I was abruptly awakened by a "Bang, bang, crash, umphf." I bolted up in bed and saw my husband sprawled out on the floor in the doorway of our bedroom. I jumped out of bed calling to Joe. I have to admit I was a bit panicky. He kept saying "I need your help." At this point I still don't know what just happened. It turns out he had just gotten up to take some motrin and didn't make it back to bed. He collapsed in his weakened state. So, I strongly advised him to call the paramedics to get an IV. I had to get a picture of him getting what he usually gives. I just hope he gets feeling better soon. Penny is sick and Dallin stayed home from school and is getting worse as the day goes on. I don't know how much else I can handle! I threatened to move this morning but no one thought that was funny!Joe almost cried but made it through ok!!

Halloween Here We Come!

Every year I seem to like Halloween more than the last year. It's fun to pull out the decorations and costumes and go a little crazy. Last night I decorated the outside of our house.

I remember liking snow...long, long ago!

Yesterday morning we woke up to snow on the ground. The kids were shrieking with excitement and couldn't wait to pull out all the winter clothes. I, on the other hand, inwardly groaned. Did we even have fall yet? Molly thought it was really neat and just kept giggling. That is, until she got snow between her coat and mitten. She didn't last very long!Eliza was adamant about building a snowman. There wasn't enough snow in our yard so they started "borrowing" from the neighbors.Dallin helped and they soon had a little family of snow people.


I can't believe 6 months have already flown by since my little Penny was bundled up and placed in my arms. She started out fussy and irritable but has since transformed into the happiest, smiliest baby I've had so far. Her smile lights up her face and therefore lights up our faces. What joy she has brought into our family! Now if only she could figure out how to sleep at night she would be the perfect baby!!Penny is almost crawling. She wants it real bad! When I put her down on the floor she is moving.

Random pictures for summer 2009

These are some very random pictures that I haven't gotten around to doing anything with. These first ones are of a water balloon fight that the kids just had to have.

The Horse!

They kids, (I'm guessing Eliza and Andrew) got ahold of my camera and this is what I found later! They posed Andrew's horse and did a little photo shoot.

Another creepy crawly!

Again, while mowing the lawn tonight, the kids found this. I think it's a giant dragonfly. Aunt Autumn, the kids want to know if its male or female and all the details you might know about this particular specimen. Enjoy the pictures Dallin took (and then told me I should put them on my blog!)A little close up action. It looks like one of it's eyes might be mashed in or something..Dallin picked it up, by its tail, to move it out of the shade because he said it was shivering and I guess it reached back and bit him.

My mom loves me!

While mom was here when Penny was born we picked out this quilt for my bed. She made it and brought it to me while at our family reunion. I love it!!

Mauery Reunion 2009

Over Labor Day weekend all the Mauery's (this includes the Haeberle's, Foutz' and Tietjen's) got together for the great Maupaloosa 2009. We stayed at a gigantic cabin in Crouch, ID for 3 days and had a great time. Here's Uncle Dan with some of the cousins.One night we played blow ball. Sarah and Vernon were hard to beat!My brother Vernon made marshmellow gun kits for all the kids and then had them put the guns together with his instruction.

Holy Ladybugs!!

While I mowed the lawn tonight the kids went on a ladybug hunt. They captured 60+ in their jar in a little over an hour. Don't worry, we're a catch & release kind of family. No insects were harmed in our adventure!I found it quite interesting that the little critters climbed up the grass in groups and then just hung out there.Eliza had a grand ol' time catching all them ladybugs!

Back to School!

The kids were all very excited (and a little nervous) for school to start today. I had mixed emotions, as ususal, when I sent them off to school. It's nice to have them at school but I want to have them home too!Dallin is going to 3rd grade this year. I know, crazy!Eliza is in 2nd grade.

Family Night Rocks!!

Tonight for Family Home Evening we were invited to our friends house to ride their horses and see the animals on their farm. The kids have been talking about it for days and were very excited to be able to ride real horses.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday and guess where he gets to spend it?! At the fire department for 24 hours. So, we celebrated his big day yesterday. The kids picked out his presents and could hardly stand waiting for him to open them. Oh, I picked out one of his presents, too! Here he is with the first present. He thinks he knows exactly what it is but I pulled the ol' switcheroo and tricked him!It's not anything from VS!!

Molly got a hair cut!

Molly's bangs were getting a little crazy and were starting to bother her. So, I took her to my salon and worked my magic with her bangs. Now she's even more adorable, I didn't even know that was possible! Here's before:

The kids got new fish!

Dallin has been asking for goldfish ever since seeing them at the fair. He even made notes on the fridge reminding me to buy goldfish. So, today we went to Walmart and bought 5 goldfish and 1 snail. Each kid got to pick out a fish and name it. Dallin's is the gold one with black trim, named Batman. Eliza's is the white one, named Sparkles. Andrew's is the silver one, named Bullet. Matthew's is the all orange one, named Little Orange Guy. And Molly's is the multicolored one, named Freckles. Since Penny can't talk yet I named the snail Slowpoke. The kids are super excited to have fish again. This is a responsiblity thing for them. When the tank needs cleaned, they get to do it!!

Good ol' county fair!!

On Saturday we went to the Madison county fair for some good family fun. First we looked through the livestock pavilion and then went on some rides and ended the outing with some cotton candy. Here's Eliza, Joe, and Molly going down the giant slide. Whee!Andrew got a turn.Dallin didn't want to go on a "kiddie" ride so we went on this goodie. It was pretty fun, creepy carnies and all. I wanted to go on the tall scary ride but Dallin opted for the one that stayed on the ground.

What a big girl!!

Penny had rice cereal tonight for the first time! At first she thought it was kind of fun but then the novelty wore off. The pictures tell all!