13 Is My Lucky Number

I am: hilarious, determined, mobile, cuddly

?People say: I have great hair, am a riot

?I have: eight teeth plus one molar on top, wispy red hair, shrinking thighs and tummy, and toes that like to play, "This Little Piggy"

?I can: get to standing in the middle of the room, crouch to get toys I want, clap my hands, wave (sometimes), find my belly (Mom's favorite!), do so-bigs, almost walk in a circle (turning is hard), and give strawberries

?I love: my fuzzy pink blankie, my siblings, my Mommy, my binky collection

?Recently I've: tried the mall play place, guarded my binky from grabby kids at the mall play place, had roseola, stayed with just my Daddy for a weekend, been working on feeding myself -- but they won't give me a spoon yet

I don't like: when my mom walks away from me, talking to strangers, the word "NO," getting my diaper changed

My regular day includes: waking up around 6am to get shushed by dad then sleeping till about 7:30am, blueberries for breakfast, exercising with mom, morning nap, yogurt and fruits and veggies for lunch, adventures till naptime at 3pm, hindering dinner prep, eating dinner, going to bed at 8pm

Mom's favorite things about me: the way I toddle, my obsession with bellies

Dad's favorite things about me: my cuddly side, my big toothy grin

Next month I'm looking forward to: walking more steadily to give Mom's arms a break, attending exercise group, spending more time just with Mommy while big bro and sis go off to school

Some notes on Annie this month: Thirteen months might seem an odd time to post milestones, but it's been such a big month for growing and changing for Annie that I couldn't resist. Also, have you noticed there are no still shots of Annie this month? You try catching a one-year-old standing still. GOOD LUCK. :)