30DT: Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen:

Today, I'm thankful for great teachers.

Besides your parents, who besides a teacher gets to leave such an enormous imprint on your mind and life when you're a kid? So far, my kids have had some great teachers, and I had a LOT of them -- lucky me. Here are a couple who stand out:

  • Stephanie Hinckley: My piano teacher for ten years. Tough but fair, solid music theory educator, owner of gorgeous baby grand piano.... She made me work hard and see that I was capable of more than I thought.
  • Mrs. Nelson: How sad that I don't remember her first name, because Mrs. Nelson introduced us to Robert Frost and Paul Gauguin. She organized puppet theater productions (I still remember the smell of the papier mache). Reading, writing, 'rithmetic, and a good dose of the arts.
  • Ed Duncan and Barbara Kuehl: They're a team in this list cuz they were always a team in my head. Physics and math tag team extraordinaire, they stretched my brain in ways I didn't know existed. Me not remembering how to integrate or draw a vector diagram is definitely not their fault. :)

Who are your favorite teachers? Your kids' favorite teachers?