Annie: 18 months

I am: opinionated, bouncy, spunky, babbly (is that a word?)

?People say: I have great hair.

?I have: Twenty teeth, a booty that shakes, a maniacal belly laugh, wispy red hair that's getting longer (!)

?I can: show I'm one by holding up one finger, go most of the day without my binky, run surprisingly fast, try to jump (hilarious -- it's all about bending down really far and trying to throw myself skyward), do finger play songs such as "Wheels on the Bus" and "Book of Mormon Stories," go up and down stairs holding one of Mom's hands, walk backwards.

?I love: my fuzzy pink blankie, my love monkey, my Mom and Dad, Bubba, and Sis.

?Recently I've: dropped my morning nap (one long afternoon nap = yay!), started a baby music class with Mom, gone to the park with big brother and sis, walked to meet Bubba's kindergarten bus, gone to Seattle to visit my cousins, stayed in nursery by myself!

I don't like: the word "NO," being stuck in my carseat for too long, loud and crazy Cub Scouts

My regular day includes: waking up around 7am (on a good day), breakfast of jam toast, walking Bubba and Sis to school, playtime at exercise group or home, meeting Bubba's bus, lunch, nap from 1pm-3:30pm, snack, afternoon playtime, dinner, and bed at 8pm.

Mom's favorite things about me: my toddler words, my crazy-eyed smile, my brave side, kisses -- both on the cheek and blow kisses

Dad's favorite things about me: my wild belly laughs, my daredevil streak

Next month I'm looking forward to: getting more independent, learning more words so I don't have to say "AAH" to Mom so much, trips to the zoo during spring break.

Some notes on Annie this month: For your enjoyment, her current list of "words" --

Oof - Dog
Woo-wah - Elephant
Moo - Cow
Baa - Sheep
RAAR! - Lion
Aaagh! - Stop it!
Shoos - Shoes
Bubba - Nathan
Sis - Nicole
Doh - Door
Ap-puh - Apple
Bah - Ball
Mo - More