Annie: Sixteen Months

Ooh! We've entered one of my very favorite parts of childhood: Babytalk!

Annie is starting to acquire words. Very cute, very odd words. And I'll share a few now. I'll warn you ahead of time, most of them are animal noises, which tells you one of the girl's main interests at the moment. :)

Oof - Dog
Doo-doo-doo - Rooster
Woo-wah - Elephant
Moo - Cow
RAAR! - Lion
Aaagh! - Stop it!
Shoos - Shoes

She can also identify body parts, walk on her tiptoes, and follow simple directions. She makes an excellent vacuum cleaner, finding every little piece of junk on my floor and taking it to the trash can.

One last thought. The girl is developing a maniacal laugh that is part roar, part belly-laugh (RAAH-HA-HA-HA). When I was little, I used to say I wanted to grow up to be a lion. Well, if I couldn't do it, this girl CAN.

Power to the people.

And the big cats.