Christmas spirit

I know I'm late getting Christmas stuff up, but I got a new computer and didn't know how to get pics from my camera to the laptop. BUT, thanks to Vernon, we're up and ready now, so I can share our fond memories. Aren't you glad?

First step to getting the Christmas spirit in our house: baking! We're working on Christmas sugar cookies (in between Vernon baking bread for toast) as the first goodie in our lineup. The kids LOVE this activity, especially using every cookie cutter in the house (including some not exactly Christmas-related -- hammer for the holidays, anyone?).

Second, we need lots of Christmas music to set the holiday mood. My favorite thing this year was watching my kids dance in circles, holding hands, and stomping to the beat!

Last, but not least, we need a tree! Since we live in a state that is FULL of Christmas tree farms, we always go cut our own. Here are Nathan and Nicole enjoying our handiwork.

We had a great Christmas, and hope you did, too!