Costume Time

Since tonight was our ward's trunk-or-treat, we got dolled up and ran over for some candy. Annie was game for our pretty ballerina/princess outfit, and what a pretty princess/ballerina she was! Now I just have to decide if that's really a smile or a grimace.....

Now this girl knew what she wanted: Queen costume. In red. With sparkly shoes. No poofy skirts. Isn't she regal?

And for Nathan? After last year's Super Frog, I wasn't surprised when he chose another unique costume idea. Meet:

The Lego Brick

Smiling Lego:

Full-length Lego:

Sinister Lego:

Recipe for Lego costume:

Good-sized box
6 empty tuna cans
1 hot glue gun
1 can spray paint

(that's a lot of tuna, if you were wondering...)