Easter Saturday and Sunday

Our family has some Easter traditions that are set in stone: egg coloring, egg hunt in the backyard (or house, if it's raining -- and we live in Oregon, so....), and of course church on Sunday. To help us be a little more spiritually focused this Easter season, we stole an idea from the April Friend magazine and read scriptures each night of the week before Easter Sunday that correlated with events in the Savior's life from that week. Then we raided our Gospel Art Picture kit for pictures and posted them on the wall to remind us of the things we'd learned during scripture study.

It was a simple exercise, and we did miss a night or two and have to catch up later, but I thought it was powerful for me in focusing my thoughts on the Savior during a week of fun and spring color. It reminded me of the scripture in 2 Nephi that says we talk of Christ, we teach of Christ, and we rejoice in Christ so that our children know Him better. Loved it!

Our Easter Saturday was mellow, sunny, and fun! One of our traditions is to do our egg hunt and egg dying on Saturday to keep Sunday open for family dinner and worship. So we grabbed our rare sunny afternoon and headed outside for egg hunting! Hooray for muck boots!

We had planned to do our annual Easter dinner of fish and cornbread (modern honeycomb) to commemorate the meal Jesus ate to prove He was alive again and not just a spirit as His disciples thought at first. But we moved it to Saturday night so we could spend Sunday evening with friends. So Sunday's main event was Easter dinner with good friends (no pics, sorry) and church with pretty dresses!

Going to church on Easter Sunday always reminds me of walking into a flower garden -- all the girls and ladies pull out color that's been socked away all winter. Love it!

Hope your Easter was a happy one!