Groundhog, my foot

You know how I know that spring is on its way?

Daffodil sprouts at the neighbors' house.

Wacky, wacky weather! We had positively everything short of a tornado yesterday: snow in the morning turned to rain, then wind and sun, then mist and rainbows, then hail, then sunshine again. Be prepared for anything!

The slight increase in sunshine makes for a major upswing in my mood and my ambition for various projects. This usually manifests itself in my kitchen and in my craft room. Tuesday night, my ambitious self attempted cheese souffle for the first time.

Puffy, it was. Tasty, it was. Thought not as luscious as I'd imagined. Maybe next time.

Last but not least, I've been attempting to expand my crochet skills into the realm of kids' hats. I got a couple of patterns off Etsy, and this is Nicole's requested hat. The hat turned out well, I thought, but the model is really what makes it. :)

I really, really can't wait to try this one, though!

Harvey, do you need a new hat?