Happy 33!

Happy birthday to the love of the life, my very own Vernon (aka Redbeard the Pirate).
I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

I knew I loved you when I married you.
I knew you were a good man. A gentle man. A hard worker.
With a sly smile. And a quiet, snarky sense of humor.

I didn't know about the red beard.

But I had no idea
how much more I would come to love you.

Here's a birthday wish for you:

Let's have a great weekend.
Spice cake + cream cheese frosting with friends tonight
Great Chinese food tomorrow
(we celebrate with food a lot)
And lots of time apart

while you work on your HAM radio
and I stamp it up

Happy birthday!

(I just typed "virthday" twice. See? You get to me, V-dawg.)