How big is Annie....?


{Rachel, I totally stole this from you. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?}

Nick Names: Annie Bananie, Growly Bear, Fatness

What makes me squeal: Spinning, my big brother and sister

People say: "Look at that red hair!"

I have: Crazy red hair that sticks up like cotton candy, dimples on my bottom, and 5 teeth

I can: Do "So Bigs," play peek-a-boo, get from sitting to tummy, eat more solid foods, and take two naps a day

I like: Pulling Mom's hair, splashing in the tub, grabbing things I'm not supposed to, being held, pulling on Daddy's whiskers, patting Daddy's bare head, stealing Daddy's hats, and eating books

Recently I've: been to the library, outgrown my Baby Bjorn, given up my third nap, learned how to clap.

I don't like: Riding in a stroller
My regular day includes: Eating, playtime, errands, naptime.

Mom's favorite things about me: The way I snuggle before naps, how I giggle when I'm tickled, my fat

Dad's favorite things about me: Giggles and cuddles

Next month I'm looking forward to: Sleeping through the night (please!!!), crawling, pulling myself to standing, and summer vacation so my sibs will be home all the time!

Annie, 9 months old