I Am: pudgy, cute, opinionated, mobile, shy but secretly love attention

?People say: What gorgeous HAIR!!!

?I have: been on my first road trip, visited my grandparents, been swimming, learned to crawl, mastered pulling myself up to standing, walked holding my siblings' fingers, worn my first pair of shoes

?I can: give loves to my family, pretend to talk on the phone, brush my hair, play with my fridge farm, bounce to music, take toys OUT of their boxes, sometimes put toys back IN their boxes

?I love: my fuzzy pink blankie, my Love Monkey stuffed animal, my funny brother and sister

?Recently I've: swung in my new backyard swing, gone blueberry picking, pet a bunny at the county fair

I don't like: when my mom walks away from me, talking to strangers, the word "NO," getting my diaper changed

My regular day includes: waking up around 6am to get shushed by dad then sleeping till about 8am, jam toast for breakfast, exercising with mom, morning nap, yogurt and fruits and veggies for lunch, adventures till naptime at 3pm, hindering dinner prep, eating dinner, going to bed at 8pm

Mom's favorite things about me: my enormous thighs, my belly laughs, my babbles

Dad's favorite things about me: the way I give loves

Next month I'm looking forward to: walking on my own, going on lots of picnics, spending a weekend with just Dad and my sibs

Some notes on Annie this month: Annie's red hair is a sure-fire conversation starter. Random people at the library, the store, and the park come up to me and have to make what I call the Redhead Connection.

"Oh, a redhead! I was a redhead when I was little."
"My sisters are all redheads!"
"I have 3 redheaded grandbabies."
"I always wanted a redhead but my brother's kids got it instead."

Seriously, it's a compulsion. People HAVE to tell me about the redheads in their family and gush over Annie's hair. Which IS beautiful. But it's not like an award we won for being extra smart or cool or anything. We just got lucky. People seem to think it's a mark of honor, though, so let's just hope that works in Annie's favor. :)