Preschool Zoo Day

Nathan's last field trip was on Monday -- we headed to the Oregon Zoo with all his friends, and Annie in tow. We zipped around at 5-year-old hyperspeed, or at least as fast as I could push the stroller. :)

First stop, elephants:

About 13 exhibits later: sculpture garden

Voila, new lion exhibit! Well, new to us at least. The habitat is beautiful, and the lions were active and majestic, sunning themselves on this rock, and pacing around the enclosure.

We went on inside to see the lions through a thick pane of glass, and one of the females obliged us by coming right up to us and lying down nicely for a photo op:

Can you tell her breath is steaming up the window??? So close!

And then this:

Nathan was outta there so fast he could've been a gazelle. Her paws are as big as my boy's head. Boy, am I glad for that glass.

After our hearts stopped racing, we headed over to his most requested animal: the naked mole rats!

They're hard to see here, but they're awfully cute, little, hairless, rodents, who wiggle around with their eyes closed and live in burrows. I don't get why Nathan loves them, since they're homely and wrinkled and stink to high heaven, but he begged for a visit and I couldn't refuse.

We had a great time with all our preschool friends! I can't believe it's gonna be over in a few weeks. Wee Wisdom, you've been good to us these past four years!