Seventh Heaven

Look at my girl! Seven certainly agrees with her. Yeah, it's been over a month since her birthday. Don't judge me, okay. Judge the cuteness of that smile! And know that it's extra big because her first grade carnival just happened to fall on the same day as her birthday. Face paint and root beer floats AT SCHOOL on your BIRTHDAY???? Does life get any better?

It does if you have strawberry cupcakes waiting for you at home:

Oh my goodness. Nicole picked these out of a Sesame Street cookbook and at first I was very leery of the recipe (most food in there is "kid-friendly," read "bland as cardboard"). But the frosting on these was divine -- tasted just like a strawberry shake. Next time, I'm adding cream cheese and eating the whole batch myself. She chose her birthday dinner, too: hot dogs, potato salad, and green salad, shared with the Harts, as usual.

The next day we partied with friends. Nicole requested a "pony and movie" party. So Michael's saved the day again with pink foam cowgirl hats to decorate:

What a bunch of hams.

And we played racing games outside with our stick horses. I love how Nicole's new wristwatch channels the energy of the sun to give her super powers!
What? It's just shining? Come on, where's your imagination, people?

And last, pile on the presents!

After that, I couldn't take the squealing anymore, so we plunked them down for the "movie" portion of the party: a My Little Pony DVD. The girls loved it, and it took me directly back to my childhood.

We had a great time celebrating Nicole!

P.S. At one point in the party, the girls started bragging about who their "boyfriends" were and how many boys they'd kissed!!! ACK. Nicole sat quietly and listened to the other girls one-up each other, thank goodness, but who thought you'd hear this at SEVEN???? Luckily, another mom in the room obviously had older kids because she cued her daughter to say this:

Mom: Suzie*, how old do you have to be to go on a date?

Suzie: Sixteen!

M: How old do you have to be to kiss a boy?

S: Twenty-one!

M: How old do you have to be to get married?

S: Twenty-five!

Dude! I want my girl to stay little longer. :(