Spring, Come Soon

We're starting to go a little nuts with this dreary, gray, cold, icky, still-winter weather.

A snow day off from school last week made Nathan zip right outside to throw snowballs at the fence.

My "I have a fever" Nicole and "I have no boots" Annie had to make do with some snow gathered in from outside. It was Annie's first encounter with the stuff and she was understandably a little put off by it.

Not to mention the alien arm reaching across her face!

Oh, wait, that's Nicole. :)

After a bit, though, Annie warmed up to the experience (*snigger*) and was up to her elbows in slush.

(BTW, this method worked out great -- no snow clothes to put on and off and on and off, ad infinitum, no wet mittens, no soggy socks, no grumpy kids -- and only water to wipe up when we finished!)

So the kids are coping with winter pretty well.

If only I could say as much for their father.

We think he's gone a little....well.... mad.

See the crazy eyes? I'm worried.

On the other hand, this hat makes a great makeshift "headset" for our cordless phone.

Thanks, James, for the "inspiration."

P.S. Mom, I have video of Annie playing with the snow, but Blogger isn't letting me post it right now. So IOU two videos....