Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Day. One of my favorite holidays. One of last holidays not completely given over to commercialism but so hard to keep focused on with all the pre-Christmas stuff already going on. (What IS Santa going to bring to my kids this year?)

But I digress. I do love Thanksgiving. The turkey, the stuffing -- especially the stuffing -- the pie, the family time.... It just doesn't get much better than that. We had a great day today. The kids drew pictures of what they are thankful for (is it a coincidence that they both said, "Dad" first when asked what they wanted to draw?)

and helped make a big paper chain to decorate the dining room. We ate dinner together, walked in the sunshine (it was cold but the sun was out so we had to go outside), made apple pie, and generally took it easy. We did all the family phone calls and loved talking with everybody. Here are photos of the fun:

Nicole loves the drumstick!

Nathan in the classic post-Thanksgiving meal stupor. Ah, the recliner....