1st Annual Game Decathlon!

I've been planning this game decathlon for several weeks now. You'd think this would be a family affair but tis not so. I wanted to do something fun and out of the ordinary just for Joe and me. So, it's 2 nights, 10 games, 1 winner. Let the games begin!!

All the games were put into a cup and drawn randomly. I wish I knew what the prize is for the winner but I haven't a clue. Any input for a super prize is very welcome!
Game 1 - Checkers.
Mary won!Game 2 - Jenga.Mary won.
Game 3 - 100 Pin Bowling on the WiiMary won.
Game 4 - Monopoly. (Joe looks thrilled to be playing!)Little bit of an action photo! We played the short version.

Mary won.
Game 5 - Rummy.
Stayed tuned for night 2 and the last 5 games. I really had a fun time playing with Joe, we laughed, we joked, we just had good old fashioned fun!