2nd Annual Haeberle Halloween Carnival

Last year I set myself up, I planned a Halloween carnival for the kids to make up for missing the school carnival. Well, they liked it so much that they asked me to do it again this year, even though we could have made it to the school one. So, I dug deep and planned another carnival. The kids had a blast and were even up this morning playing the games again by themselves. Let the games begin!!Fishing was a big hit. I had little toys and prizes instead of candy and they loved that. Candy was won at different booths and they loved that too!

Little dracula fishing for goods.
Molly was so cute. She thought we were actually fishing for fish. Soon she understood that she was getting prizes instead of fish and when we told her to go fishing she said, "But I don't want a fish!" I think she thought we were all crazy.
Penny was our little scavenger and would pick up stray pieces of candy. Isn't she adorable?!In this game the kids searched through rice to find prizes and candy. It was Penny's favorite game, she even walked around carrying handfuls of rice. Thank goodness for the vacuum cleaner!!The cake walk was a huge success. The kids thought it was great. Instead of cake they won Hostess Ding Dongs. They were playing this game this morning and reusing their prizes. I love watching them play together.Then we played Spider Toss. They each took turns tossing their spider onto the web and then they got to keep the spider as their prize.
The web. We also made ghost suckers, that wasn't as big of a hit but they did like eating the suckers!Here's the behind the scene guys. You talking to me. Forgitaboutit.
I found this little guy trying to eat the candy after the party. ;)
I guess I've been roped into throwing a carnival every year. I'm happy my kids enjoy being together as a family and that makes all the work worth it. Happy Halloween!!