Amazing Face Paint!

My husband's brother's wife Bonnie treated the kids with some awesome face paint. I never imagined it would be so great. Knowing Bonnie I should've known but I didn't. Friday before the big reunion she painted our kids faces and then she did it all again at the reunion but for about 25 kids. Thank you so much Bonnie, you were a huge hit!! Here's Andrew as a dog.Eliza looking very pretty.Check out Andrew's eyes!Matthew winking as a brave warrior!Serious Matthew.Bat Dallin.Molly being an adorable puppy.Group shot.Andrew wearing uncle Hyrum's hat.Here's the reunion shots. Eliza as a pink tiger.Molly with what she called her crown.Andrew being his favorite animal: the panda!Matthew as Wolverine.Dallin as a Heroscape scull.I'm just going to say it one more time, Bonnie is amazing! Thank you so much!