Andrew's Broken Arm

Yesterday we were enjoying a nice afternoon on the swingset. The kids had the pool set up at the bottom of the slide and were taking turns going down. I was sitting on the swing next to the slide and all of the sudden Andrew was on the ground in front of me crying out in pain. He held up his arm and it just didn't look straight. I kind of had a freakout moment but then was able to regain my composure. Of course Joe was at work at Air Idaho in Idaho Falls. I called him in panic mode and he called his paramedic friends. They came over in the ambulance and ascertained his arm. After putting it in an air splint they got him safely in the car and we took him to the Emergency Room. After x-rays and some Morphin they determined it was indeed broken. Andrew was brave and has dealt with it really well. Poor guy!We all got to sign his cast!Andrew with his freshly signed cast!