Backyard Royalty

We've never had trees around our house because we could never agree on where to put them. Joe wants a wide open yard and I want shade. We finally put our differences aside and bought two trees for the back yard. They are a crimson king and emerald queen. We have named them King Rupert and Queen Elizabeth and we're hoping they will be both royal and loyal to us. They are beautiful maples and I love looking out back and seeing them. Here are the trees strapped to the Suburban after their trip home.This is a before picture of our backyard. Boring!Joe hard at work, digging the hole.Penny standing on the sod donut!I had to get a picture of the "Sold" sign!Dallin and Penny helping!All planted. Looks good!Another angle. I just love it! Now that we have trees I wish we hadn't waited so long to get them!