Dallin is 10!!!

Wow, when I think back over the past 10 years I can't believe how quickly they have gone past. Dallin made his debut 10 days late on a freezing cold evening, Feb. 6 2001. I was thrilled to be a mother. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I could not have asked for a better child to be my oldest. Dallin is a good kid. When I say that I mean he is good, plain and simple. He tries to do what's right only because he wants to. He is kind to his brothers and sisters and most of the time does what he's supposed to. Dallin is a quick learner and carries around a plethora of knowledge in his 10 year old brain. I don't know how he got so smart. I love Dallin's imagination and his ability to figure things out. Although I do feel old having a child in the double digits I wouldn't trade the past 10 years for anything. I sure do love you Dallin!!
New books from Grandma and Grandpa Mauery.

You can never have enough Legos!
This is a cool little toy that hovers.
Dallin read all the Percy Jackson books that he got for Christmas and is excited to watch the movie with Daddy.
This year Dallin wanted a Chess cake. I was more than happy to oblige. It was one of the easiest yet. Simple but cute.
Silly Dallin.
Singing Happy Birthday.
The camera wouldn't take the picture when he blew out the candles so this picture is staged after the fact. Joe wouldn't let me relight all the candles just for a picture.
All the candles out, I hope he made a wish!
Stamp of approval!
Happy Birthday Dallin!!