Discovery and Planetarium

Dallin is part of the Discovery program at school and they've been studying the stars and constellations. On Jan. 20 they invited the families to see some of the things they have learned. They had a portable planetarium set up and we went inside and Dallin told us about the legends of the constellations. It was fun and interesting. Dallin is like an encyclopedia of knowledge!
Inside the "bubble" they had this light thing and it projected the constellations onto the walls.

If you look very closely you can faintly see the outlines of the constellations. I couldn't get my camera to get a good picture.
Joe didn't know I was taking a picture of us. I think it's one of the funniest pictures of both of us. He looks scared and I look scary!
Here's Dallin taking his job as tour guide very seriously. He told us about the constellations and then answered all our questions. Great job Dallin!
Dallin and Andrew outside the "bubble."On our way home we drove around the nice houses on the hill and saw this in front of one of them. Very impressive!