First Day of School

This year sending my kids off to school was bittersweet. I want them to go to school and learn and grow and make friends but I also want them home with me. We had a very enjoyable summer and I will miss them while they are at school. I will miss the chatter of their play, watching them ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk, watching countless lightsaber battles, and having lunch together everyday with my little munchkins. I know they'll be home after school but the whole dynamic of our home will change. It's hard to let go and let your kids use their wings. Fly high my little ones and always remember where home is! I love you!Dallin trying to, I think!

Sassy Eliza.Handsome Andrew.What a goodlooking group of kids! They humored me with a zillion pictures!I hope they will always be best friends!