Game Decathlon - Day 2

Let the games begin...part 2! Tonight we started off the competition with Game 6 - Aggravation. At the end of the game it was down to each of us having one marble within 3 spaces of home, but only one could prevail...Joe won!

Game 7 - the aMAZEing Labyrinth.
This is a really fun game. Can you tell??
Joe won!
Game 8 - Junkyard Jalopy. It's like Operation but 1/2 the price!Joe won in a tie breaker lightning round!
Game 9 - Skip-Bo.Mary won!
Game 10 - Candyland.
Joe getting ready for an intense game of chance!Who's going to win? I can't stand the suspense!
Mary won!!
So, the final tally is Mary 6, Joe 4.The ending of our decathlon was kind of anticlimactic. I was waiting for fireworks or roses and a crown but all that happened was a "good game" all around. The prize has yet to be decided. Joe said he'll think of something good. Maybe he'll cook dinner for a week or give me some shopping spree money. We'll see. It was really fun playing all the games with Joe. He always tries to cheat but does it so that I'll be sure to catch him. Maybe we'll start playing games more often, just not 10 in 2 nights! We'll save that for next year's decathlon! Thanks for humoring me Joe and playing all those games! I love you babe!