Haeberle Reunion: DAY 3

Day 3 of the reunion was full of cleaning up and goodbyes. The whole reunion was near perfection and I just didn't want it to end. Seeing everyone, staying up late watching slide shows, talking and laughing was the best way to spend the weekend. I'm still going through withdrawals, it couldn't have been better! While the adults were busy cleaning the lodge the kids were getting in their last few runs down the slide. I even managed to go down one last time. Here's Dallin.Some of the little kids kept busy playing on the balcony.Before we left Swan Valley we stopped to get some of their famous square ice cream cones. It was bittersweet, our last hurrah before settling back into the real world. I will carry the memories of this family reunion for many many years to come. I'm so glad I married Joe so I could enjoy his awesome family. I love them like my own. Haeberle's Rule!!