Happy Birthday Eliza!

Yesterday Eliza Jane turned 9! Wow! Eliza is such a fun girl. Whether she's running around like an animal on her hands and feet or getting her hair fixed or drawing a picture she is enjoying life. She loves playing the piano and reading, but also loves bouncing off the walls with her siblings. Eliza is a great helper and can't wait for the baby to be born so she can be mommy's helper. We sure love having Eliza in our family and are so proud of all the things she does and is. Happy Birthday to my little Lizard, love you!!Her first present was a blindfold. She had to follow our commands to find her present.She really wanted this gigantic bear at Valentine's but I told her no. After Valentine's I went back and got it on clearance and then have been hiding it ever since, which was no small feat!Eliza isn't the only one who loves it!Molly patiently watching someone besides herself open presents!Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Mauery!All her loot!Eliza wanted a cake to look like Clover, I had all these great ideas rolling around in my head but when I actually made it, it didn't turn out exactly like I had pictures. Eliza helped make it and she was happy with the end results, that's all that matters, right?!All lit up!Make a wish!Dig in!Mmm!When I checked the kids last night this is how Eliza was sleeping!